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Friday, 14 March 2014

After an exhausting morning of trying to teach her new humans to obey her, Maddie is crashed in a big leather chair wrapped in her blankies. :-)


Last night Maddie discovered a basket of old dog toys and dug out one that still had a squeaker. She squeaked it for awhile, then settled down to serious biz of tearing it open so she could get the stuffing out.


She left me in living room last evening and went to my room and got in the middle of the bed. When I made her get down later so I could go to sleep, she wouldn't settle. I moved her bed to where she could see me and she immediately cuddled into the blanket you sent and zonked out. She slept till 7 this morn. When I tried to get her to go for a walk, she let me know she eats breakfast first. :-)


After breakfast, we went for Starbucks. I think she thought she was going back to you because she seemed disappointed when we returned to my house. Now, she is under the blanket snoring.


In one of the photos, she wanted to take a nap but someone was in the kitchen so she is torn. Currently, she is sandwiched between two blankets snoring. She has shown curiosity about the cat but has not been obsessed. She comes when she is called and she has had a walk.


All is good. Thank you again,


- Family: Sherry


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