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Bella aka Blossom
Monday, 30 June 2014

Hello everyone,


Just an update on Bella aka Blossom.


We absolutely LOVE her! She has brought so much joy into our lives. Her wellness checkup was great! Her Vet said I was very lucky to get a "Frenchie" into a shelter. I certainly know...


Bella has her own swimming pool. She doesn't have the interest of going into the Adult pool at all. We brought her home thinking we had a lot of training, issues, possible health problems, or whatever to deal with, when in fact she has a lot of knowledge in the basics of obedience and crate trained, house broken, doesn't hardly ever bark, she was the "perfect" angel I had hoped for. ....., until... the "whatever" showed up.


We introduced her to my stepsons two small dogs, a shitzu and a poodle/shitzu mix. She absolutely did not do well. In fact..., she was VERY dominant, aggressive and just horrible! I was shocked. I never thought my so called "angel" could do such a thing. The staff at the Rescue Center told me she had these issues but I didn't know they were BIG issues. Okay.., well, if this is all I have to work with.., her "issues" with other animals, this will be "cake". I ordered Cesar Milan's dvd on Mastering Leadership No.5. And will be giving it to my stepson so we can work with Bella's issues together. I'm also going to take her to obedience classes soon to help socialize her.


The next set of pictures I send will be of Bella standing besides her friends (not human friends but her "dog" buddies) That will be a GREAT accomplishment for her. All in all, we still love her dearly and the "angel" bit..., let's just say... we know better. lol I'm wanting to get another frenchie for her and us! I just love the breed! Thank you so much for letting her come home with us. Please see attached pictures. I'll get more of her with us.




- Family: Stacy and Mike


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