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Monday, 18 August 2014

Griffin is an extraordinary dog, extremely loving to everyone, humans and dogs. We are so impressed. This has had to have something to do with the care of him at your facility. Not sure how you taught him to be this way, he has been completely housebroken as I told you before. We have never had any problems at all, he goes to the door if he wants to go out. We have taken him almost every day to the off-leash dog parks. He loves them, has learned to come when called, comes back to make sure we are still with him so he never goes too far ahead of us and is always in view. We take him into the pond area and he swims and fetches the ball with all the other dogs. He particularly has made friends with Roco, a puppy bulldog/mastiff. They play incredibly. Roco is still small but is getting bigger every day. He sits on Griffin's head and back while Griffin is upside down, then the tables turn and Griffin pulls him along by his ear. Doesn't seem to bother Rocco one bit, he is just solid muscle, it is so cute to see.


Griffin has become a star swimmer, he no longer does the frog dance in the water (breast stroke), he now swims and retrieves just like the other dogs that are expert swimmers, labs and retrievers etc. Griffin has learned to copy them with the swimming and does as well as they do. It is really great to see his interaction with other dogs of all sizes. Griffin goes in the pond and lays down and smiles like a crocodile waiting for the other dogs to go in and play with him. His antics are hilarious, everyone knows him by name and loves to watch him as he does the sweetest and strangest things. I think we should put him on UTube.


We plan to make sure his social skills are kept up. We are checking into the local facilities for winter, although we do have annual passes at the parks so can still take him off leash. People we have met say they frequent the places in the winter and the park trails are plowed for the dogs to run and us to walk on of course. I have picked out his boots and winter coat. What a spoiled handsome boy he will be. I will send you all pictures of him this winter and be sure to let you all know how he does.


We just love him so much and we realize how lucky we are to have been able to adopt such a beautiful being who is as special as Griffin. This wouldn't happen without the obvious care and training you have all given him, it is very apparent.


- Family: Maureen, Robin, and Darryn


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