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Friday, 26 September 2014

Dory is doing great. She just passed obedience class! She can sit, lay, walk on a leash, crawl, stay (well for about 5 seconds), and shake paws. Best of all, she is house trained (she hasn't had an accident in a couple of months). She is still chewing the house up, but her chewing things comes less often and not just all the time so I know it is only when she is teething. Just bought her a new round of nylabones hoping to deter her from the blinds.


She is great with kids, as well as other dogs. We have found a playmate for her down the street named Chance. They have play dates every couple of weeks. Things are even starting to get better with the cats. Still not 100%, but we are seeing improvement.


So glad to have her in our family. Attached is a couple of pics from recently that I just had on my phone.


- Family: Stephanie


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