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A Yard for Rosebud
Sunday, 13 July 2008

The first time Jeremy and I met Rosebud it was winter, and we were in the yard of the Dog & Kitty City shelter. Tiny Rosebud was wearing a green jacket and shivering. Jeremy held her in his arms, and it was apparent that she did not want to be outside. We took some quick pictures of her, to place online in hopes of finding her a home.


Not long after this we decided to foster a dog. That dog turned out to be one of the shelter loud-mouths, who was in need of attention, training, and love. Her name was Rosebud.


The moment we placed Rosebud down onto the grass in our backyard she sprinted. It was obvious that she was thrilled to have a yard. She seemed to know that she had come home. Jeremy and I were overjoyed to provide her with a yard to run free in.


Throughout the months Rosebud spent in our home as a foster-dog, she became a part of our forever family, which includes Rosebud's pal Sancho, a Rat Terrier. Sancho and Rosebud play tug-of-war with toys, sprint together in the yard, and share the excitement of treats, walks, and doggie parks.


Rosebud has brought a personality to our home that brings us smiles daily. When she walks, she prances. When she sleeps, she sighs. When she makes her bed at night, she does it with hard-work and detailed maneuvering of blankets. When she wants attention her 2 front paws move up into the air, as if she is reaching out for us.


We love being able to provide her with everything that we can. This includes belly rubs, ear scratches, soft blankies, pink dresses, chew toys that don't last very long, food that she is always ecstatic to receive, medical care, and a life she deserves.


Rosebud Stats:


Favorite Toy: Plush Chihuahua (with only 1 ear left)

Favorite Treat: Flavored sticks (that she likes to "hunt" for)


- Family: Amber and Jeremy


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