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The Ohana Project – A Cottage for Evander

Saturday, August 15, 2020


Evander and the shelter team are so thankful these holidays for your generous help building his cottage! Please consider purchasing a shirt or hoodie before Christmas in support of our pup's comfort!

Originally Posted on 8/15/2020

Four years ago a wonderful and energetic pit bull named EVANDER was rescued through The Street Dog Project and found his way into the hearts of our friends here at the Humane Society of Dallas. Evander did not have an easy life before he came to the shelter and, because of some anxieties and fears, it has been more difficult to place him in the perfect forever home. He is a loving and kind dog but would do best in a home where he is the only dog and has the love and attention of an experienced pet owner.

In true generous fashion, and to commemorate Evander's 4th Anniversary with the Humane Society of Dallas, the volunteers who have come to know and adore him have decided that it's time for Evander to graduate to having a place of his own -- a comfortable cottage made just for him! In addition to housing Evander, the funds raised through the Ohana Project will be utilized to place artificial grass throughout the dog yard so that all the dogs are able to benefit from a comfortable and clean outside environment where they rest, relax, and play! Also, on the wonderful chance that Evander finds a permanent place to call home, the cottage will then be converted into a recovery area for any of the shelter animals that require healing or rehabilitation from surgeries or treatments for all the years to come.

Please consider making a tax-free contribution through this GoFundMe campaign.