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Banfield's Howl-o-Ween Pet Safety Tips

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tip #1: Keep your Pet away from the front door.


Keeping your Pet in a separate room during the trick-or-treating hours is best. At an open door, dogs in particular, may feel the need to protect their home & humans and may bite your bizarre-looking visitors. Your Pet may also become frightened and dart out through the open door.


Tip #2: Be careful of Pets around candles and lit pumpkins.


Pets are attracted to bright lights in a darkened room. Candles can be easily knocked over, spilling hot wax onto furniture and carpet, and potentially causing a fire. Curious kittens especially run the risk of getting badly burned.


Tip #3: Keep your Pet inside.


There are plenty of stories of vicious pranksters who have teased, injured, even stolen Pets that are left in their yards or allowed to roam outside on this night.


Tip #4: Do not give your Pet candy.


•Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance that can be poisonous to your Pet. Dark, semi-sweet or Baker's chocolate can be lethal if ingested. •Sticks on caramel apples can be swallowed and cause damage to internal organs or choking. •Candy can upset the stomach, resulting in diarrhea or vomiting. •Packaging can cause choking or intestinal blockage. Foil wrappers can become as dangerous as razors when swallowed.


Tip #5: Do not take your cat or dog with you in the car while your kids go trick-or-treating.


It can be very frightening to a Pet to sit in a dark car while scary creatures of every size and shape walk by. Furthermore, your normally friendly Pet can become aggressive & protective and lash out at a friendly ghost or witch. For the safety of your Pets, leave them at home, inside where they are safe.


Tip #6: Ensure decorations cannot be pulled down.


An item that is pulled off could seriously hurt your Pet if the decoration was pulled down on top of them. And with some decorations they could become entangled.


Source: Banfield