Guardian Angel Program
for the Humane Society of Dallas County

Become a Guardian Angel!

We are highlighting all the special Dog & Kitty City cats and dogs who have a harder time finding a permanent home. Sponsor one or any of them through our Guardian Angel Program, a wonderful, personal way to make a difference in their lives!

Some cats and dogs are not as adoptable as others due to their age, disposition or disability.

Some have been at the shelter so long that it is their home. As they grow older, they are less adaptable to a new home, so it may be in their best interest for them to stay in the home that they know—the shelter.

Others are shy and retiring and don’t present themselves to potential adopters to the point that they do not get noticed.

Many animals with chronic medical problems or disabilities have a harder time finding homes due to their special needs. We consider them to be dearly loved sanctuary pets.

A sponsorship donation of $20 helps support basic expenses—food, shelter and medical care. You can donate more to cover other expenses, including veterinary care such as exams, bloodwork, vaccinations, and dentals.

If a sponsored animal leaves the shelter, Guardian Angels can select another animal who will benefit from their help. Every opening at the shelter helps another animal in need!

Additional amount (USD):

(For a subscription, this amount is added to your monthly donation.)