Pet Updates
at the Humane Society of Dallas County
August 2008
Aug 1

Adopted cat: FIELDER

Aug 28

Adopted dog: ADDIE

Adopted dog: ALBA

Adopted dog: ALEISTER

Adopted dog: ALPINA

Adopted cat: AMY

Adopted cat: ANABEE

Adopted cat: ANAIS

Adopted dog: ANNA

Adopted cat: ARABELLA

Adopted cat: ARIEL

Adopted dog: AUSTIN

Adopted cat: BAGLEY

Adopted dog: BANDIT

Adopted dog: BAZIL

Adopted dog: BEAMER

Adopted cat: BELINDA

Adopted cat: BETIA

Adopted dog: BIJOU

Adopted dog: BIKO

Adopted dog: BINDI

Adopted dog: BISCOTTI

Adopted dog: BLACKIE BELL

Adopted dog: BLAZE

Adopted dog: BLUE (DOG)

Aug 29

Adopted cat: BLUE EYES

Adopted cat: BOGEY

Adopted dog: BOSCO

Adopted dog: BOSLEY

Adopted dog: BOTERO

Adopted dog: BRIGHTON

Adopted cat: BRISTOL

Adopted dog: BRISTOL

Adopted cat: BRODY

Adopted dog: BRUNO

Adopted cat: BW

Adopted cat: CADO

Adopted dog: CALLEIGH

Adopted dog: CAPPUCINO

Adopted cat: CAPPUCINO

Adopted dog: CAPRI

Adopted dog: CAROLINA

Adopted cat: CARSON

Adopted dog: CARTIER

Adopted dog: CASHEW

Adopted dog: CASPAR

Adopted cat: CASSIDY

Adopted dog: CAYENNE

Adopted dog: CESAR

Adopted dog: CHANDLER

Adopted dog: CHASE

Adopted dog: CHEYENNE

Adopted dog: CHI CHI

Adopted dog: CHIARA

Adopted dog: CISCO

Adopted cat: CLEMENTINE

Adopted dog: CONFETTI

Adopted dog: COUNTESS

Adopted cat: COURTNEY

Adopted dog: CRICKET

Adopted cat: CRYSTAL

Adopted dog: DAISY

Adopted dog: DALLAS

Adopted cat: DAMIAN

Adopted dog: DANISH

Adopted cat: DAWN

Adopted dog: DIVA JAY

Adopted dog: DONUT

Adopted dog: DOTTIE

Adopted dog: DOZER

Adopted dog: ELLIE

Adopted cat: ELMER

Adopted cat: ELVIRA

Adopted dog: ESPRESSO

Adopted dog: EVEREST

Adopted dog: FAEDEN

Adopted cat: FAITH

Adopted cat: FARAH

Adopted dog: FILBERT

Adopted dog: FINNEY

Adopted dog: FLORIANA

Adopted dog: FOXER

Adopted dog: FRANGELICA

Adopted dog: FRAPPUCINO

Adopted dog: FREEDOM

Adopted dog: FRISCO

Adopted cat: GABLE

Adopted cat: GARRETT

Adopted dog: GEORGIA

Adopted cat: GLITTER

Adopted cat: GOLDENROD

Adopted dog: GRACIE

Adopted dog: GRASSHOPPER

Adopted cat: GRETEL

Adopted cat: GUS

Adopted cat: HALLE

Adopted cat: HANK

Adopted cat: HANSEL

Adopted dog: HARLEY

Adopted dog: HARLEY

Adopted cat: HEATHER

Adopted cat: HENNESSY

Adopted cat: HOUDINI

Adopted dog: HOUSTON

Adopted dog: HUNTER

Adopted dog: INDY

Adopted cat: ISIS

Adopted cat: JACK

Adopted dog: JAKO

Adopted dog: JAZZ

Adopted dog: JAZZMINE

Adopted dog: JEEP

Adopted cat: JILLIAN

Adopted dog: JORDAN

Adopted cat: KARMA

Adopted cat: KIX

Adopted dog: LUCKY

Adopted dog: LUCY

Adopted dog: LUCY (2)

Adopted dog: M / F SIBLINGS

Adopted cat: MAGEE

Adopted cat: MAISIE

Adopted dog: MANDOLINE

Adopted dog: MAX

Adopted dog: MAX

Adopted dog: MAX

Adopted dog: MAXWELL

Adopted dog: MIDORI

Adopted dog: MIKE

Adopted dog: MILLIE

Adopted cat: MIRANDA

Adopted dog: MITZI

Adopted dog: MOJITO

Adopted cat: MOMO

Adopted dog: MONTANA

Adopted dog: MONTGOMERY

Adopted dog: MORRIE

Adopted cat: MR. BLUE

Adopted dog: MS. BRINDLE

Adopted dog: MUFFIN

Adopted dog: NANCY

Adopted cat: NANNA

Adopted cat: NATASHA

Adopted cat: NATTY

Adopted dog: NEVADA

Adopted dog: NILI

Adopted cat: OREO

Adopted cat: PATCHES

Adopted dog: PB

Adopted cat: PEACHES

Adopted dog: PECAN

Adopted dog: PEKOE

Adopted dog: PELUCHE

Adopted dog: PENELOPE

Adopted dog: PETIE

Adopted dog: PEYTON

Adopted dog: PHLOXIE

Adopted dog: PHOENIX

Adopted dog: PICCOLO

Adopted dog: PICHON

Adopted dog: PINON

Adopted dog: PISTACHIO

Adopted dog: PIXIE

Adopted cat: PRINGLES

Adopted dog: PRIVATE

Adopted dog: RAINE

Adopted dog: RILIE

Adopted dog: RIVER

Adopted dog: ROCCO

Adopted dog: ROUGGER

Adopted dog: ROY

Adopted cat: SACHSE

Adopted cat: SAMMY

Adopted dog: SANDY

Adopted cat: SARAH

Adopted dog: SASHA

Adopted cat: SASSY

Adopted dog: SCALA

Adopted dog: SCOOTER

Adopted cat: SCOOTER

Adopted dog: SENTA

Adopted dog: SERENELLA

Adopted dog: SIERRA

Adopted cat: SIR GALAHAD

Adopted dog: SKIPPER

Adopted cat: SKITTLES

Adopted cat: SLATE

Adopted cat: SOPHIA

Adopted dog: SPRING

Adopted dog: STELLA

Adopted dog: SUKI

Adopted dog: TENNYSON

Adopted dog: TERRY

Adopted cat: TESS

Adopted dog: TEX

Adopted dog: TOBY

Adopted dog: TONKA

Adopted dog: TORINO

Adopted cat: TREVOR

Adopted cat: TUBO

Adopted dog: TULIP

Adopted dog: TWIX

Adopted cat: VALENCIA

Adopted dog: VALENTINE

Adopted dog: WALLY

Adopted cat: WHISKERS

Adopted dog: WILSON

Adopted cat: WINCHESTER

Adopted dog: XENA

Adopted dog: YAHTZEE

Adopted dog: YUKI

Adopted cat: ZETA

Adopted dog: ZIGGY

Adopted cat: ZITI

Adopted cat: ZUCCHINI

Adopted dog: ZUMA

September 2008
Sep 1

Adopted dog: SEQUOIA

Adopted dog: SKITTLES

Sep 2

Adopted cat: ALEX

Adopted dog: ELLINGTON


Sep 3

Adopted dog: CATALINA

Adopted dog: RICCO SUAVE

Adopted dog: RINGO (LITTLE)

Sep 7

Adopted dog: PUFF

Sep 9

Adopted dog: BANJO

Adopted dog: BARON

Adopted dog: BIL JAC

Adopted cat: CAPTAIN

Adopted dog: DAKOTA

Adopted dog: MACK (AND SOPHIE)

Adopted dog: MAGGIE

Adopted dog: MCKINLEY

Adopted dog: MIKEY

Adopted dog: SOPHIE (AND MACK)

Adopted dog: STITCH

Adopted dog: ZIPPER

Sep 20

Adopted dog: PICCOLO

October 2008
Oct 1

Adopted dog: CAMPBELL

Adopted dog: SERENELLA

Adopted dog: SKYLA

Adopted dog: SONOMA

Oct 12

Adopted dog: BUCKLEY

Adopted dog: KONA

Oct 15

Adopted dog: SPLASH

Oct 19

Adopted dog: RINGO

Adopted dog: TIMMINS

Oct 22

Adopted dog: NUGGET

Oct 28

Adopted dog: WILLOW

November 2008
Nov 1

Adopted dog: COLETTE

Adopted dog: DACHI

Adopted dog: PAXTON

Adopted dog: PIPER

Nov 6

Adopted dog: BRIE

Adopted dog: POPPY

Nov 7

Adopted dog: EMILY

Adopted cat: MAITLAND

Adopted cat: NOELLE

Nov 9

Adopted dog: BIXBY

Nov 19

Adopted dog: CASEY

Nov 24

Adopted dog: LANCE

Adopted dog: T-BUNE

Nov 26

Adopted dog: EMMI

December 2008
Dec 7

Adopted dog: CLAVELLE

Adopted dog: SCOOBI

Dec 11

Adopted dog: ROSIE

Dec 22

Adopted dog: DAISY

Adopted dog: YORK

Dec 28

Adopted dog: DISCO

Adopted dog: WIMBERLY

January 2009
Jan 2

Adopted dog: JASPER

Adopted dog: WILSHIRE

Jan 3

Adopted dog: DENIM

Adopted dog: MAPLE

Adopted dog: WINSTON

Jan 10

Adopted dog: FROST

Jan 17

Adopted dog: BUCHO

Adopted dog: JUDY GARLAND

Adopted dog: LEVI

Jan 25

Adopted dog: LUCEE

Jan 27

Adopted dog: LULU

Jan 30

Adopted dog: BIX

Adopted dog: PEANUT

February 2009
Feb 1

Adopted dog: TURBO

Feb 6

Adopted dog: LOUIE

Adopted dog: RIO

Feb 11

Adopted dog: TINY

Feb 22

Adopted dog: ANGEL

Adopted dog: MOMOSO

Adopted dog: TANGO

Feb 26

Adopted cat: TINA

Adopted cat: WANDA

Adopted cat: WILLIMINA

Feb 28

Adopted cat: ZOE

March 2009
Mar 1

Adopted dog: BUTTONS

Adopted dog: LIZZIE

Adopted dog: TRAVERS

Mar 8

Adopted dog: FINELLA

Adopted dog: LIAM

Mar 15

Adopted cat: AZALEA

Adopted cat: HERMAN

Adopted cat: KARIN

Adopted cat: KOJAK

Adopted cat: LEILANI

Adopted cat: OWEN

Adopted cat: VALERIE

Mar 24

Adopted dog: GILBERT

Mar 25

Adopted dog: CHICHA

Mar 26

Adopted cat: ROSALINDA

Adopted cat: WILLA

Mar 31

Adopted cat: JADE

April 2009
Apr 4

Adopted dog: ARAGON

New dog: LOKI

Adopted dog: SHEEBA

Apr 7

New dog: OSO

Apr 9

New cat: DICEMAN

Adopted dog: LUCKY STRIPE

Adopted cat: TROY

Apr 14

New cat: BOGART

Apr 15

Adopted dog: LOKI

Apr 16

New dog: CALYPSO

New dog: OLIVIA


Apr 17

Adopted cat: CANDY

New cat: TABITHA

Apr 18

Adopted cat: CARRINGTON

Adopted cat: DELILAH

New pics for MAISIE

New pics for MAXIMUS

Adopted cat: YURI

Apr 19

New cat: BERNICE



New pics for BOGART

New cat: CITRUS


New cat: ELIZA

New cat: FELIX

New pics for JENNY

New pics for JUNIPER

New cat: KAELYN

New cat: KAILEE

New cat: KAITLIN

New cat: KEMP

New cat: KENN

New cat: KENNY


New cat: LIBBY

New cat: LILY

New cat: LIVIA

New cat: MARCY

New pics for MARIPOSA

New cat: MATILDA


New pics for MAXINE

New cat: MELISSA


New cat: MILANI

New cat: MONIQUE

New cat: PANSY


New cat: POM POM


New pics for SARA

New dog: SPRING


New pics for TAMALIE

Apr 22

New pics for TULLA

Apr 23

New dog: COACH

Apr 27

Adopted dog: ACE

May 2009
May 4

Adopted dog: CALYPSO

New pics for CARINA

New dog: CLYDE


New pics for SPRING

May 5

Adopted cat: BLACKBERRY

Adopted cat: BUTTONS

Adopted cat: DIDI

Adopted cat: KAITLIN

Adopted cat: KEMP

Adopted cat: KENN

Adopted cat: OLIVE

Adopted cat: PIROUETTE

May 6

New cat: BAILEY

New dog: JAKE

Adopted cat: MAXINE

New cat: REESE

New cat: RENEE

New cat: RIDLEY

May 9

New dog: CLACK

New dog: DERBY

New dog: DODGER

May 10

Adopted dog: MAX

Adopted dog: SPRING

May 11

Adopted cat: BOGART

New pics for BONNIE

New dog: CHASE

May 12

Adopted cat: CRANBERRY

May 13

New cat: BOGART

New dog: BOWIE

New dog: QUINCY

New pics for TABITHA

May 16

New dog: NOLA

New pics for SPRINKLES

May 20

New dog: TEDDY

May 21

New pics for TEDDY

May 24

New pics for BOGART


May 25

New pics for BOGART

Adopted dog: DERBY

New dog: DUNKIN

New dog: FLASH

New dog: KIWI

New dog: LATTE

New dog: NETTA

May 26

Adopted cat: AKITA

Adopted cat: BAILEY

Adopted cat: BERNICE

New pics for BOGART

New pics for BONBON

New pics for BUD

New pics for CARA


New cat: EAGAN

New cat: EDIE

New cat: EFFIE

New cat: ELANA

Adopted cat: ELOISE


New pics for HOLLY

Adopted cat: KAELYN

Adopted cat: KAILEE

Adopted cat: KENNY

New pics for KILEY

Adopted cat: LANCELOT

New pics for LEXI

Adopted cat: LIBBY

Adopted cat: LILY

Adopted cat: LIVIA

New pics for LOGAN

Adopted dog: MAVERICK

New cat: MILLS

Adopted cat: MISHA

New cat: NAOMI

New cat: NATASHA

New cat: NIKITA

New cat: NILA

Adopted cat: RENEE

Adopted cat: RIDLEY

New cat: SANDY

New cat: SUKI

Adopted cat: TAMALIE

New cat: ZACHARY

New cat: ZARA

New cat: ZELDA

New cat: ZENIA

New cat: ZOE

May 27

New cat: ASIA

New cat: HARRY

New cat: MISTY

New cat: RONNY

May 28

Adopted cat: REESE

Adopted cat: ZELDA

Adopted cat: ZENIA

May 30

New pics for GYPSY

Adopted dog: MAXIMUS

New pics for OLIVIA

June 2009
Jun 2

New cat: ANNABEE


New pics for CARRINGTON

New cat: COLETTE

New pics for COPPER

New cat: ELLIE

New pics for FLORA

New pics for HOPE

New cat: IAN

New cat: JACLYN


New pics for KATHERINE

New pics for KERRY

New cat: MATISSE

New pics for MELODY

New pics for PANSY

New pics for PARIS

New pics for PEPSI

Jun 8

New cat: EVA

Adopted dog: FLASH

Jun 9

Adopted dog: COACH

Jun 10

Adopted cat: ANNABELL

Adopted cat: BLUEBERRY

Adopted cat: ELLIE

Adopted cat: RASPBERRY

Adopted cat: STRAWBERRY

Adopted cat: ZACHARY

Jun 11

Adopted dog: NETTA

Jun 15

Adopted dog: CHASE

Adopted dog: QUINCY

Jun 16

Adopted dog: PRINCESS GIRL


Jun 18

New dog: DUNDEE

Jun 19

New dog: BENJI

Jun 20

New cat: ALEXIA

New pics for BONNIE

New pics for BOWIE

New pics for CARRINGTON

New pics for DUNDEE

New cat: IRVING

Adopted dog: JUNIPER

New pics for KIWI

New cat: MALIBU

New cat: MUFFIE

New cat: PIERRE

New cat: PING PONG

New pics for STERLING

New cat: THUMBIE

Jun 22

Adopted cat: ANNABEE

Adopted cat: ASIA

Adopted cat: CITRUS

Adopted cat: FELIX

Adopted cat: JACLYN

Adopted cat: MATISSE

Adopted cat: MELISSA

Adopted cat: NAOMI

Adopted cat: NILA

Jun 24

New cat: SOCKS

Jun 26

Adopted dog: BENJI

New pics for BOGART

New pics for HOLLY

New cat: LEIA

New cat: LUKE

New cat: PRISSY

New pics for SOCKS


New cat: THOREAU

New pics for THUMBIE


New cat: TOPAZ

New pics for TRAPPER


New cat: TULIP

Jun 27

New dog: JACKIE

Jun 28

New cat: CORINTH

Adopted cat: POPPY

Adopted cat: TABITHA

Jun 29

New cat: GILMER

New cat: GLENDA

New cat: GLENDON

New cat: GLENN

New cat: GLORIA

New cat: GLORY

New cat: GRACE

New pics for MARCY

New pics for MAVERICK

New pics for MERCEDES


New pics for RACER

New dog: WINNIE

Jun 30

Adopted dog: BOWIE

July 2009
Jul 6

New cat: EMMY

Adopted cat: INDIA

Adopted cat: LOGAN

New cat: MAGGIE

Jul 8

Adopted cat: EVA

Adopted dog: MAISIE

Jul 14

Adopted cat: ALEXIA

New dog: AUDIE

Adopted dog: DODGER

Adopted cat: GLORY

Adopted cat: GRACE

Adopted dog: JACKIE

New dog: KITT

New dog: TAJ

Jul 15

New dog: RADAR

New pics for TAJ

Jul 17

New pics for AUDIE

New dog: NOUGAT

New pics for RADAR

Jul 19

New pics for CLACK

New pics for TAJ

Jul 20

New pics for BONNIE

New pics for CLACK

New pics for CLYDE

New pics for ELIZA


New pics for HOLLY

New pics for JAKE

New pics for LATTE

New pics for MAGGIE

New pics for NOUGAT

New pics for OSO

New pics for PARIS

New pics for SUKI

New pics for TAJ

New pics for THUMBIE

New pics for TRAPPER

Jul 22

Adopted dog: LOLA

Adopted cat: THACKERAY

Adopted cat: TRUFFLES

Adopted cat: TULIP

Jul 24

New cat: ALEXIS

New cat: BARNEY

New cat: BARRETT

New cat: BLAZE


New cat: BUSTER

New cat: LAURA

Jul 25

New dog: FLASH

Jul 26

Adopted dog: AUDIE

Adopted dog: DUNKIN

New dog: MIA

Adopted dog: NOUGAT

New dog: PALOMA

New dog: POWDER

New dog: SWEET GAL

Adopted dog: WINNIE

Jul 27

New pics for BARNEY

New pics for BARRETT

New pics for BLAZE

New pics for BROOKLYN

New pics for BUSTER

New cat: DAISY

New cat: DARBY

New cat: DARIN

New cat: DARRELL

New pics for EUGENIE


New pics for GLENDA

New pics for GLORIA


New cat: HESTER

New cat: HILLARY

New cat: PORTIA

Jul 28

Adopted dog: TEDDY

Jul 31

Adopted dog: CARTER

August 2009
Aug 1

New dog: JAX

Adopted dog: PALOMA

Adopted dog: SWEET GAL

Aug 2

New pics for JAX

Aug 4

Adopted cat: CARRINGTON

Adopted cat: LEIA

Adopted cat: LUKE

Adopted dog: MIA

Adopted cat: MISTY

Adopted cat: NIKITA

New cat: RADAR

Adopted cat: TINKERBELL

Aug 10

Adopted dog: CLYDE

Aug 13


Adopted cat: FINNEGAN

Adopted cat: MARCY

Adopted cat: MAVERICK

Aug 14

New dog: SYRENE

Aug 22

Adopted cat: ALEXIS

Adopted cat: BARNEY

Adopted cat: BARRETT

Adopted cat: BLAZE

Adopted cat: BROOKLYN

Adopted cat: BUSTER

Adopted cat: CORINTH

Adopted cat: DAISY

Adopted cat: EAGAN

Adopted cat: ELANA

Adopted cat: FLORA

Adopted cat: GLENN

Adopted cat: HARRY

Adopted cat: IAN

Adopted cat: NATASHA

Adopted dog: POWDER

Adopted dog: TAJ

Adopted cat: THOREAU

Aug 23

Adopted dog: BAILEY

New dog: POWDER

Aug 24

New pics for CARINA

New pics for DUNDEE

New pics for JAKE

New dog: LIBBY

New pics for OSO

Adopted dog: POWDER

Aug 25

Adopted dog: TAJ

Aug 28

Adopted dog: SYRENE

Aug 29

New pics for DUNDEE

New pics for GEISHA

New pics for KIWI

New pics for LATTE

Aug 30

New pics for FLASH

Aug 31

New dog: SLYDER

September 2009
Sep 5

New dog: REMY

Sep 9

Adopted dog: CARINA

New dog: CLICK

Adopted dog: OSO

Sep 10

New pics for CLACK

New pics for CLICK

New dog: CONAN

New dog: RADAR

Adopted dog: STERLING

Sep 11

Adopted cat: BOGART

Adopted cat: DARBY

Adopted cat: EDIE

Adopted cat: GILMER

Adopted cat: HEATHCLIFF

Adopted cat: LAURA


Adopted cat: MERCEDES

Adopted cat: MUFFIE

Adopted cat: PATIENCE

New cat: PETER


New cat: RIT


New cat: ROSE

New cat: SOCKS 2

Adopted cat: SUKI

Adopted cat: ZOE

Sep 13

Adopted dog: CLICK

Adopted dog: KITT

Sep 18




Sep 19

Adopted dog: LIBBY

New dog: OSO

New dog: PINTO


Sep 22

New pics for COLETTE

New pics for DARIN

New pics for DARRELL

New pics for EMMY

New pics for FELICITY

New pics for GLENDA

New pics for GLORIA

New pics for HESTER

New pics for HILLARY

New pics for JEFFERSON

New pics for KERRY

New pics for MAGGIE

New pics for MATILDA

New pics for PANSY

New pics for PETER

New pics for PIERRE

New pics for REMINGTON

New pics for RIT

New pics for ROCKFORD

New pics for ROSE

New pics for SOCKS

New pics for ZARA

Sep 24

New cat: BIG TEX

New cat: BRIE

New cat: CAMELIA

New cat: CARLTON

New cat: FARRAH

New cat: FERGI

New cat: FOSTER


New cat: HALLIE

New cat: MARISOL

New pics for PAPILLON

New cat: PEARL

New cat: SIERRA

New cat: SIMON

New cat: SIMONE

New cat: TALBOT

New cat: URCHIN

New cat: URSULA

New cat: USHER

New cat: UTAH

New cat: VALERIE

New cat: VANESSA

New cat: VELVET

New cat: VENUS

New cat: VIOLET

New cat: VIRGIE


New cat: WESLEY

Sep 25

New cat: LOGAN

Sep 30

Adopted dog: CLACK

Adopted dog: DUNDEE

Adopted dog: MARTELLE

Adopted dog: SLYDER

October 2009
Oct 1

Adopted cat: EFFIE

Adopted cat: GLENDON

Adopted cat: IRVING

Adopted cat: MELODY

Adopted cat: PRECOCIOUS

Adopted cat: PRISSY

Adopted cat: RADAR

New dog: ROGER

Adopted cat: RONNY

Adopted cat: SANDY

New pics for SHARLA BEAR

Oct 2

New pics for CONAN

New pics for ROGER

Oct 4


Oct 7

Adopted dog: MARTELLE

Adopted dog: SPARKLES

Oct 11

New dog: BEAUX

New dog: CHER

New dog: LUCY

Adopted dog: RADAR

New dog: SONNY

Oct 14

Adopted cat: FERGI

Adopted cat: FOSTER

Adopted cat: FRANCESCA

Adopted cat: PETER

Adopted cat: PRECIOUS

Adopted cat: REMINGTON

Adopted cat: ROSE

Oct 15

New dog: APPLE

New pics for CARLTON

Oct 16

New dog: JERSEY

Adopted dog: NOLA

Oct 17

New dog: MARLENE

Oct 19

Adopted cat: CARLTON

Adopted cat: FARRAH

Adopted cat: MARIPOSA

Adopted cat: SOCKS

Adopted cat: THUMBIE

Oct 21

Adopted dog: CHER

Adopted cat: RIT

Adopted cat: URCHIN

Adopted cat: USHER

Adopted cat: UTAH

Adopted cat: VIRGIE

Oct 22

Adopted dog: CONAN

Oct 25

New pics for MARLENE

New pics for PINTO

Adopted dog: SHARLA BEAR

New dog: TWISTER

November 2009
Nov 1

Adopted dog: JERSEY

Adopted dog: LUCY

Adopted dog: SONNY

Nov 2

Adopted cat: DARIN

Adopted cat: DARRELL

New cat: RIT

Adopted dog: SPRINKLES

Adopted cat: WESLEY

Nov 3
Nov 5


Nov 9

Adopted dog: MARLENE

Nov 10

New dog: SPRITE

Nov 12

New cat: UTAH

Nov 14

Adopted dog: BEAUX

Adopted dog: JAX

Adopted dog: OSO

Nov 15

New cat: KATEY

New cat: KENNY

New cat: KYLE

Nov 16

New dog: JADA

New pics for KATEY

New pics for KENNY

New pics for KYLE

Adopted cat: VALERIE

Adopted cat: VENUS

Adopted cat: VIOLET

Adopted cat: VIVIENNE

Nov 19


New pics for APPLE

New dog: JANGO

New pics for SPRITE

Nov 21

New pics for PEARL

New pics for SIERRA

New cat: STAMOS

Nov 22

Adopted dog: REMY

Adopted dog: SPRITE

Nov 24

Adopted cat: KATEY

Adopted cat: KENNY

Adopted cat: KYLE

Adopted cat: ROCKFORD

Nov 29

New cat: CAROL

New cat: COCO

New cat: MING

New cat: MINX

New cat: REY

Nov 30

Adopted dog: APPLE

Adopted dog: ROGER

December 2009
Dec 1

Adopted cat: CAMELIA

Adopted cat: EMMY

Adopted cat: FELICITY

Adopted cat: JEFFERSON

Adopted cat: KERRY

Adopted cat: MILANI

Adopted cat: POM POM

Dec 2

New dog: JACK

New dog: JULIET

New dog: KATE

New dog: SAWYER

Dec 3

New pics for UTAH

Dec 6


New dog: ROGER

Dec 7


Adopted cat: MING

Adopted cat: MINX

Adopted cat: PENNZOIL

Adopted cat: SIMON

Adopted cat: SIMONE

Dec 8

New cat: CASTLE

New cat: KOJI

Dec 10

New pics for STAMOS

Dec 12

New pics for JADA

New dog: OWEN

New dog: RENZO

Dec 13

New dog: SCRAPPY

Dec 15

New cat: VIRGIE

Dec 17

Adopted cat: BRIE

Adopted cat: CAROL

Adopted cat: COCO

Dec 18


Dec 20

Adopted dog: BONNIE

Adopted dog: JANGO

Adopted dog: JULIET

Dec 22

New dog: HARVEY

Dec 26

New cat: ALEC

New cat: ALEX

New cat: ALVIN

New cat: ANIKA


New cat: ARIES

New cat: NATALIA

New cat: NAUGHTY

New cat: NICE

Dec 27

Adopted dog: PINTO

New pics for ROGER

Dec 29

Adopted cat: NATALIA

Adopted cat: NAUGHTY

January 2010
Jan 2

New cat: BETSY

New pics for ELIZA

New pics for GLORIA

New pics for HESTER

New cat: KIRBY

New pics for PAPILLON

New pics for PARIS

New pics for URSULA

Jan 3

New dog: BEBO

New dog: BOLDEN

New pics for JACK

Adopted dog: JADA

New pics for KATE

New dog: MONK

New pics for SAWYER

Adopted dog: TWISTER

Jan 4

Adopted cat: CARRINGTON

Adopted cat: COLETTE

Adopted cat: KOJI

Adopted cat: LEONESSA

Adopted dog: MAVERICK

Adopted cat: NICE

Adopted cat: PEARL

Adopted cat: PIERRE

Adopted cat: RIT

Adopted cat: TOPAZ

Jan 7

New dog: JOPLIN

Jan 9

Adopted dog: CAB

New dog: DAVE

New dog: WALTER

Jan 11

Adopted cat: ALEC

Adopted cat: ALEX

Jan 15

Adopted cat: ALVIN

Adopted cat: ANIKA

New cat: BEAU

Adopted cat: BETSY

Adopted cat: CHANDON

Adopted cat: HESTER

Adopted cat: HILLARY

New cat: ITSME

Adopted cat: MAHOGANY

Adopted cat: MARISOL

Adopted cat: PANSY

Adopted cat: SIERRA

Adopted cat: STAMOS

New cat: SUMMER

New cat: SYBIL

New cat: TOM

Adopted cat: VELVET

Jan 17


New pics for RENZO

Jan 18

New cat: ABBY

New pics for BEAU

New pics for CASTLE

New pics for GLENDA

New pics for ITSME

New pics for MALIBU

New pics for MATILDA

New pics for SARA

New pics for SUMMER

New pics for SYBIL

New pics for VANESSA

New pics for VIRGIE