Pet Updates
at the Humane Society of Dallas County
September 2020
Sep 21

Adopted dog: HOUSTON

Sep 20

Adopted dog: NALA

Adopted dog: OREO

Sep 19

Adopted cat: GLORIA

Adopted cat: LUISA

Adopted cat: PORKCHOP

Sep 16

New cat: SAVANNA

Adopted cat: TASHA

Sep 15

New cat: MISHA

New pics for PORKCHOP

Sep 14

Adopted cat: BAILEY

Adopted dog: CLYDE

Adopted dog: FOXY

Adopted cat: GINNY

Adopted dog: LUCKY'O

Adopted dog: SAM

New cat: TASHA

Adopted cat: TIGGER

Adopted cat: YODEL

Sep 13

New pics for BELLA

New pics for COCO

Sep 12

New dog: COCO

Adopted cat: DELTA

Adopted cat: FABIAN

New dog: FOXY

New dog: HOUSTON

Adopted dog: JACK

Adopted cat: KADEN

Adopted cat: KAILEY

Adopted cat: SMOKEY

Sep 11


Adopted cat: SHADOW

Adopted cat: ZOE

Sep 9

New pics for GLORIA

Adopted cat: KIKO

Adopted cat: TASHA

Sep 8

Adopted cat: TASHA

Sep 7

New cat: GINGER

New cat: GINNY

Adopted cat: MEATLOAF

New cat: YODEL

New cat: ZOE

Sep 6

Adopted cat: ALFIE

Adopted dog: BAXTER

New cat: PIPER

New pics for ROMIE

New pics for SAM

Sep 5

Adopted cat: BUSGSBY

New cat: FINCH

Adopted cat: LISA

Adopted cat: OLIVER

Sep 4

New dog: ARCHIE

New dog: BAXTER

New dog: MISHA

New dog: SAM

New cat: SENTRA

Sep 3

Adopted cat: ALEX

Adopted dog: MAGGIE

Adopted dog: MILO

Adopted cat: QUINTINA

Sep 2

New pics for BELLA

New pics for JOE

New cat: SIMON

New pics for TOBY

Sep 1

New pics for BELLA

New cat: GLORIA

New cat: SMOKEY

New cat: TIGGER

August 2020
Aug 31

Adopted cat: COMEDIAN

New cat: KAITLYN

Aug 30

New cat: ALEX

Adopted cat: BUDDY

New pics for FABIAN

New cat: LUISA

Adopted cat: RORSCHACH

New cat: RUKUS

New cat: SHADOW

New pics for SOPHIE


Adopted cat: TASHA

New cat: TOBY

Aug 28

Adopted cat: CLARA

Aug 27

New cat: BELLA

New cat: DELTA

Aug 25

Adopted cat: JILL

Aug 24

Adopted dog: FALKOR

Adopted dog: HONEY

Adopted dog: LILY

Adopted cat: LOUIE



Adopted cat: SAMMY

Adopted cat: TORI

Aug 23

New cat: BENNY

New cat: BENTLEY

New cat: CLARA

New cat: FABIAN

New cat: KADEN

New cat: KAILEY

New cat: KAITLYN

New cat: KALEB

New cat: LISA

New cat: OLIVER

Adopted cat: PRINCE

New cat: SANDY

Adopted cat: SMORZ

New cat: SOPHIE

New cat: TASHA

Aug 22

New cat: KIKA

New pics for OREO

Adopted cat: YELLOW

Aug 19

New cat: SAMMY

Aug 17

Adopted cat: MANHATTAN

Adopted dog: SNOOKIE

Aug 16

New cat: SUGAR

Aug 15

Adopted cat: BLOSSOM

Adopted cat: LESLIE


Adopted cat: SHREK

Aug 14

Adopted cat: BETTY

Adopted cat: BROWNIE

Adopted cat: DAISY

Aug 12

Adopted cat: BO

New pics for DOOLEY

Adopted cat: EVEREST

New pics for HONEY

New pics for JACK

New pics for MISHA

New pics for OREO

Aug 11

Adopted cat: ALICE

Adopted cat: ANGELINA

New pics for BLOSSOM

New dog: DOOLEY

New dog: FALKOR

New dog: HONEY

New dog: JACK

New dog: LILY

New pics for LUCKY'O

Adopted dog: MAGGIE

New dog: MILO

New dog: MISHA

New dog: NALA

New dog: OREO

Adopted cat: SPUNKY

Aug 10

New cat: DAISY

Aug 9

Adopted cat: ELLA

New cat: JILL

New cat: LILLY

New cat: NUGGET

New cat: PRINCE

Adopted cat: SONIC

New cat: TORI

Aug 8

Adopted cat: RORSCHACH

Adopted cat: SCOOBY

Aug 7

New pics for BROWNIE

New cat: BUDDY

New cat: ELLA

New cat: JILL

New pics for MAMA

Adopted cat: SILK

Aug 6

New cat: BLOSSOM

New cat: BROWNIE

New cat: LESLIE

New cat: MAMA

New cat: SASSY

New cat: SCOOBY

New cat: SHREK

New cat: SMORZ

New cat: SMURF

New cat: SONIC

New cat: TORI

Aug 4

New pics for MAGGIE

Aug 3

Adopted cat: LUCY

New pics for MAGGIE

Aug 2

Adopted cat: HECTOR

Adopted dog: SUMMER

Adopted dog: SWEETY

Adopted dog: TOBY