Pet Updates
at the Humane Society of Dallas County

Adopted cat: CALLIE

New cat: JOHNNY

Apr 15

New cat: GRACIE


New cat: SOPHIE

Apr 14

New cat: BENTLEY

New cat: BETSY

New cat: BROOKE

New cat: BRUCE

New cat: HENRY

New cat: LILLIAN

New pics for SANSA

Apr 13

New cat: SANSA

Apr 12

New cat: BLAKE

New cat: GILLY

New cat: LILY


New cat: THOMAS

Apr 11

Adopted cat: FRED

Adopted cat: JOHNNY

Adopted dog: VINNY

Apr 10

New vids for DESTINY

Adopted cat: LILY

Apr 9

Adopted cat: LACY

Adopted cat: SNORLAX

Adopted cat: STUMPY

Apr 8

New dog: DESTINY

New dog: MABEL

Apr 7

New dog: CEDRIC

New dog: FLORA

New pics for LINNY

New cat: MR BLU

Adopted cat: SHADOW

New cat: SNORLAX

Apr 6

New pics for NELSON

New pics for RIPLEY

New pics for THEODORE

Apr 5

Adopted dog: FENDER

Adopted cat: WILMA

Apr 4

New cat: AKASHA

New cat: AMANDA

New cat: AMBER

New cat: APRIL

New cat: ASH

Adopted cat: BOOBOO

Apr 3

Adopted cat: BONO

Apr 1

Adopted cat: HEMI

New pics for SAMSON

March 2021
Mar 31

New pics for FLORA

New pics for GYPSY

New pics for REBA

Mar 30

New vids for CEDRIC

New pics for FENDER

New vids for FLORA

New pics for GYPSY

New pics for KNOX

Adopted cat: PRECIOUS

New pics for REBA

New cat: SAMPSON

Mar 29

New cat: CALVIN

New dog: CEDRIC

New dog: FENDER

New dog: FLORA

New dog: GYPSY

Adopted dog: JACK

New dog: KNOX

New dog: REBA

Adopted dog: SINBAD

Adopted dog: THEO

New pics for VINNY

Mar 28

New cat: BONO

New cat: BOOBOO

New cat: CALLIE

New vids for HONEY

Adopted cat: JAZZI

New cat: LUCKY

New cat: MISTER

New vids for ROOGIE

New cat: SHADOW

Adopted cat: SNARKY

Mar 27

Adopted dog: LUNASA

Mar 24

New vids for MISTER

New vids for SINBAD

New cat: STUMPY

New vids for THEO

New vids for VINNY

Mar 23

New dog: MISTER

New dog: SINBAD

New dog: THEO

New dog: VINNY

Mar 22

Adopted cat: BUSTER

New pics for LACY

New pics for OLIVE

New pics for WILMA

Mar 21

New cat: BRANDY

New pics for OC

Adopted cat: SKYE

New pics for THEODORE

Adopted cat: WENDY

Mar 20

New dog: COTTON

Adopted cat: EDGAR

Adopted cat: RUFUS

Mar 19

New vids for CHARRY

Adopted cat: PRINCE

Mar 17

New dog: CHARRY

New cat: HEMI

New pics for JACK

New dog: JACK

Adopted dog: LOLA

Mar 16

New pics for LACY

Adopted cat: POMPADORE

New cat: RUFUS

Mar 15


New cat: RASCAL

Mar 14

Adopted cat: RYDER

Adopted cat: SANDY

Mar 13

Adopted cat: ANNIE

New pics for CHURRO

Adopted cat: HANK

New vids for LUNASA

Adopted cat: PERCY

New pics for PRECIOUS

New pics for RALFF

Mar 12

New cat: EDGAR

New cat: OLIVE

Mar 10

New pics for CLOVER

Adopted cat: DAISY

New pics for JACK

New cat: LINNY

New cat: NELSON

New pics for RALFF

New cat: RIPLEY

New cat: TARTAR

New pics for THEODORE

Mar 9

New pics for CHURRO

New pics for HONEY

New dog: ISABEL

New pics for JACK

New dog: LUNASA

New pics for MAX

New pics for MISHKA

Adopted cat: OREO

New pics for ROOGIE

Mar 8

New cat: CLOVER

New pics for JOHNNY

New cat: PERCY


New cat: ROSE

Mar 7

New vids for JACK

New cat: JAZZI

New cat: RALFF

New cat: RIPLEY

Adopted cat: TUFFY

New cat: WENDY

Mar 6

Adopted cat: AZUL

New dog: JACK

Adopted cat: NOVEMBER

New dog: REBEL

Mar 4

Adopted cat: ECHO

New cat: PRINCE

New pics for WILMA

Mar 2

New cat: AZEL

New cat: WILMA

Mar 1

Adopted cat: ASHER

New pics for HANK

New pics for JOHNNY

New pics for LACY

New pics for PIPE