Pet Updates
at the Humane Society of Dallas County

Adopted cat: JERSEY

Adopted cat: MELBA

Adopted dog: PEACHES


Adopted dog: CASPER

Adopted cat: REEBOK

Adopted cat: TOTORO

Adopted cat: TRIXIE

Sep 24

Adopted cat: ALABAMA

Adopted cat: PEPSI

Sep 23

Adopted cat: HAPPY

Adopted cat: JACKIE

Adopted dog: PANCHO

Adopted cat: RALPH

Sep 22

New cat: APOLLO

Sep 21

New cat: FREEWAY

Sep 20

New pics for ZEKE

Sep 19

Adopted dog: BEANS

New pics for BURRITO

Adopted dog: LEESHA

New dog: LUCY

New dog: MOLLY

New dog: PANCHO

New dog: ZEKE

Sep 18

Adopted dog: BOURBON

New dog: GOYA

New vids for SALSA

New vids for TAMALE

Sep 17

Adopted cat: ANT

New vids for BEANS

New vids for BURRITO

New vids for HUEVOS

Adopted cat: LEVI

New vids for MENUDO

Adopted cat: PEANUT

New vids for QUESO

Adopted cat: SUGAR

New vids for TAMALE

New dog: ZOOKIE

Sep 16

New vids for CASPER

New dog: MAXX

Sep 15

New dog: BEANS

New dog: CASPER

New dog: HUEVOS

New dog: HUEVOS

New dog: MENUDO

New dog: QUESO

Sep 12

New pics for TAMALE

Adopted dog: ZOOKIE

Sep 11

New pics for SALSA

Sep 10

New cat: FORD

Adopted dog: MAXX

Adopted cat: SAMMY

Adopted cat: WALNUT

New dog: TAMALE

New cat: TOKOYO

Sep 7

New pics for FAITH

New pics for LEVI

New pics for PEANUT

New pics for SAMMY

New pics for SIMBA

New cat: SUNNY

New pics for TRAPPER

Sep 6

New pics for ABBY

New pics for ANT

New cat: CHER

New pics for JACK

Sep 5

Adopted cat: DAIRY

Adopted cat: GARCELLE

New cat: HAZEL

Adopted cat: HUDSON

New cat: NIKE

New cat: REEBOK

New cat: SUGAR

Sep 4

New dog: BOURBON

Sep 3

Adopted cat: BO PEEP

Adopted cat: LOUISE

New pics for MARTEN

Adopted cat: MASON

New pics for MONO

Adopted cat: NOAH

Adopted cat: PRINCESS

Adopted cat: ZIP

August 2022
Aug 31

New pics for TOTORO

Aug 30

New cat: JACKIE

New cat: MARTEN

Adopted cat: MONO

New cat: MONO

New pics for MOYO

New pics for RALPH

New pics for SAMMY

New cat: TOTORO

Aug 29

Adopted cat: AMY

Adopted cat: LUKE

Aug 28

New cat: ABBY

New cat: JACK

Adopted cat: KORS

New cat: LOUISE

Adopted cat: MOE

New vids for PEACHES

New cat: THELMA

Aug 27

Adopted cat: GUESS

Adopted cat: NUGGET

New vids for SADIE

Aug 26

New dog: KODA

New pics for MAXX

New dog: PEACHES

New pics for SADIE

Adopted dog: URSALA

Aug 25

New vids for ZOOKIE

Aug 24

New cat: KORS

New dog: MAXX

New cat: RALPH

Aug 22

New pics for DRACO

Adopted cat: KYLEE

Adopted cat: MINNIE

New cat: MOYO

New cat: NUGGET

New cat: SAMMY

Aug 21

New cat: AIDEN

Adopted dog: BERNIE

New cat: BRETT

Adopted dog: BROWNIE

Adopted cat: BUZZ

Adopted cat: FELIX

New cat: HUDSON

New cat: LEVI

Adopted cat: LIAM

New cat: LUKE

New cat: MASON

Adopted cat: NEMO

New cat: NOAH

Aug 20

Adopted cat: JADE

Adopted cat: KAI

Adopted cat: NUGGET

Aug 19

Adopted cat: DEVON

Adopted dog: WINSTON

Aug 18

New cat: DOPEY

New pics for FIGARO

Aug 17

New pics for AMIRA

Adopted cat: GEORGIA

New pics for JERSEY

New dog: OLLIE

Adopted cat: TALIA

Aug 16

New cat: AMIRA

New cat: ANT

New pics for CHIQUITA

New pics for FELIX

New pics for FRANKLIN

New cat: NEMO

New pics for SHADOW

New pics for TORY

New pics for TUBBIES

New pics for WOODY

Aug 15

Adopted cat: CHARLIE

Adopted cat: TIGER

Aug 14

New cat: ASH

New cat: ASH

Adopted cat: BASHFUL

New pics for BENNET

Adopted cat: BLUE

Adopted cat: CHASE


Adopted cat: DOPEY

New vids for FIGARO

New cat: GUESS

New vids for MAVERICK

New vids for MR. BIG

New cat: OREO

New cat: PEANUT

New pics for SHADOW

New cat: TALIA

New cat: TALULAH

New cat: TORY

New cat: TRAPPER

New pics for TRIXIE

New cat: TUBBIES

New cat: WOODY

Aug 13

Adopted cat: GECKO

Adopted cat: KADEN

Adopted cat: KALEB

New vids for MR. BIG

Adopted cat: OLIVE

Adopted cat: PICKLES

New vids for PRINCESS

New vids for STUMP

Aug 12

New vids for BROWNIE

Adopted cat: MARSHMALLOW

Aug 11

New cat: BASHFUL

New pics for CHASE

New cat: DAIRY

New cat: DEVON

New cat: DOPEY

New cat: HAPPY

New cat: JERSEY

Aug 10

Adopted cat: CLOUDS

Adopted cat: FARAH

Adopted cat: FREEWAY

New cat: MINNIE

New cat: OLAF

Aug 9

New cat: FAITH

New cat: FARAH

New cat: FELIX


New cat: SIMBA

Aug 8

New cat: DRACO

New cat: GECKO


New cat: MINERVA

New cat: MOE

New dog: MR. BIG

New cat: NUGGET

New cat: PEANUT

Aug 7

Adopted cat: DOLLY

Adopted cat: ELLIOT

Adopted cat: GRUMPY

New cat: KADEN

New cat: KAI

New cat: KALEB

New pics for LEESHA

Adopted cat: TED

Adopted cat: TURBO

Aug 6

Adopted cat: JAX

Adopted cat: JUDE

New pics for LEESHA

New cat: LILO

New cat: LILO

New pics for PRINCESS

Adopted dog: PUMA

Adopted cat: QUINN

Adopted cat: SIR

New cat: STICH

Adopted cat: STORMY

New pics for STUMP

Aug 5

Adopted dog: BANDIT

New dog: BERNIE

New dog: BROWNIE

New pics for LEESHA

Adopted cat: LINCOLN

New pics for MELBA


New dog: STUMP

Aug 4

Adopted cat: MOCHI

New pics for PEPSI

Adopted cat: SNEEZY

Aug 3

New cat: BENNET

New cat: BLUE

New cat: BUZZ

New cat: LINCOLN

New cat: PEPSI

New pics for SHILO

Aug 2

New cat: CHARLIE

New cat: TIGER

New cat: WILLOW

Aug 1

New cat: BO PEEP

New cat: DOLLY

New cat: ELLIOT

New pics for JOE

New cat: QUINN

New pics for TED

Adopted cat: TRENTON