Pet Updates
at the Humane Society of Dallas County

New dog: BANDO

New pics for BERTIE

New dog: COTTON

Adopted cat: KISS

New dog: LOLA

New cat: MASON


New cat: MILES

New pics for MISHKA

New dog: SONIC


Adopted cat: LOVE

Adopted cat: MECCA

Adopted cat: SNOW PEA

Jun 16

Adopted dog: HATTIE

New cat: SCOOTER

Adopted dog: TRIXIE

Jun 15

New pics for BUZZ

New dog: FUJI

New pics for MISHKA

Jun 13

Adopted cat: LILY

Adopted cat: MADISON

Jun 12

New pics for BELL

New pics for HONEY

Adopted cat: LUTHER

Adopted dog: NAOMI

Jun 11

Adopted cat: ARROW

Adopted cat: LEO

Adopted cat: MISTER

Jun 8

New cat: BARRY

New cat: LUTHER

New cat: WHITNEY

Jun 7

Adopted cat: ERICA

Adopted dog: LAD

Jun 6

Adopted cat: EUGENE

Adopted cat: FABIAN

New cat: MARIO

New pics for RIPLEY

Jun 5

Adopted cat: AZAN

New pics for BELL

Adopted cat: FAITH

Adopted cat: FLO

New pics for HATTIE

New pics for LAD

Jun 4

Adopted cat: FARAH

Adopted cat: ICHEB

Jun 3

New cat: CARRIE

New pics for CLYDE

Adopted cat: JANE

New cat: LEO

New cat: MECCA

New cat: MOLLY

New cat: TEDDY

Jun 2

Adopted dog: PRINCE

Jun 1

New vids for CALI

Adopted cat: CHERRY

New vids for COOPER

New vids for HATTIE

New cat: HAZEL

New pics for OSCAR

New vids for PRINCE

New pics for RIPLEY

May 2021
May 31

New dog: CALI

New dog: COOPER

New dog: HATTIE

Adopted cat: LUCKY

New pics for NAOMI

New dog: PRINCE

New pics for RIPLEY

Adopted cat: WILLOW

May 29

New cat: AZAN

Adopted dog: FALLON

New cat: ICHEB

Adopted dog: MAX

New cat: MEZOTI

New cat: REBI

May 28

Adopted cat: FIONA

New dog: MAX

New dog: TRIXIE

May 27

New cat: JANE

New dog: NAOMI

Adopted dog: ROOGIE

May 25

New cat: ARROW

New cat: FABIAN

New cat: FAITH

New cat: FARAH

New cat: FAY

New cat: FLO

New cat: GIZMO

New cat: KISS


May 24

New cat: CUPID

New cat: LOVE

Adopted cat: NELSON

Adopted dog: POPPY

Adopted cat: THEODORE

May 23

New cat: LUCKY

New vids for REBAL

May 22

Adopted cat: PUMKIN

Adopted cat: TOM

May 21

Adopted cat: STUART LITTLE

May 19

New cat: CHERRY

Adopted dog: MAX

Adopted dog: OLIVER

New cat: TOM

May 18

New cat: GEORGIA

New pics for NELSON

New pics for OSCAR

New cat: PUMKIN

New pics for RIPLEY

May 17

Adopted dog: LOTTIE

Adopted cat: VEGAS

May 16

New vids for OLIVER

May 15

New vids for BERTIE

New dog: OLIVER

May 13

Adopted cat: FLAME

Adopted cat: MILLIE

May 12

New vids for TRIXIE

May 11

New pics for BELL

New pics for BUZZ

New dog: FALLON

Adopted dog: GYPSY

Adopted dog: IVY

New dog: MAX

New dog: POPPY

New dog: REBAL

New dog: TRIXIE

May 10

New dog: BELL

New dog: BUZZ

Adopted dog: CHARRY

Adopted cat: DEEDEE

Adopted dog: WYATT

May 8

Adopted dog: REBA

May 7

Adopted cat: BRANDY

Adopted cat: ERNIE

New cat: FRANKY

Adopted cat: GRACIE

Adopted dog: KNOX

New cat: MEAZIE

New cat: SANSA

Adopted cat: TARTAR

May 6

Adopted dog: MATILDA

Adopted dog: OLIVER

May 4

Adopted dog: MISTER

May 3

Adopted cat: DIRK

New dog: MATILDA

May 2

Adopted cat: EVERETT

Adopted cat: REY

May 1

Adopted cat: AMBER

Adopted cat: DIXON

Adopted cat: DOOLEY

Adopted cat: ROCKY

New dog: TOBY

Adopted dog: ZARA