Pet Updates
at the Humane Society of Dallas County

New cat: AMOS

New pics for CALLIE

New cat: CYNTHIA

New cat: KEEBLER

Nov 23

Adopted cat: CHARLIE

Adopted dog: SANDY

Nov 22

Adopted cat: BENTLEY

New cat: CALLIE

New cat: CHATTER

Adopted cat: MERLIN

New cat: MORRIS

Adopted cat: MURPHY

Adopted cat: MYSTIC

New pics for NUGGET

New cat: OC

New pics for SPARKLE

New pics for STORM

Nov 21

Adopted cat: ALLISON

Adopted cat: JR

Adopted dog: SPARQUE

Nov 20

New pics for BENJI

New dog: FLO

Adopted dog: KAMILLE

New cat: MILLER

New cat: MURPHY

New cat: PRINCE

New pics for QUEEN

New pics for ROOGIE

New dog: SANDY

New cat: TITAN

Adopted dog: ZEUS

Nov 19

Adopted dog: COCO

New cat: JACOB

New cat: JADE

New cat: JAVI

New cat: JR

New cat: JULIA

Nov 18

New cat: MONTY


New cat: STORM

New dog: ZEUS

Nov 17

Adopted cat: BEN

Adopted cat: DIEGO

Adopted cat: FIVE

Adopted cat: KLAUSIE

Adopted cat: LUTHER

Adopted cat: VANYA

Nov 15

New cat: ALLISON

New cat: BEN

New cat: DIEGO

Adopted cat: FELICITY

Adopted cat: FIONA

New cat: FIVE

Adopted dog: HOPE

New cat: KLAUSIE

New cat: LUTHER

Adopted dog: SUNDAY

New cat: VANYA

Nov 14

Adopted cat: DEMARKUS

Adopted cat: DESHAWN

Adopted cat: EDDIE

Adopted cat: JILL

New cat: MAGIC

New cat: MERLIN

New cat: MERLIN

New cat: MERLIN

New cat: MYSTIC

New cat: REGINA

Adopted dog: SANDY

Adopted cat: STORMY

New pics for SUNDAY

Nov 13

New dog: COCO

Nov 12

New dog: FRANKIE

Adopted cat: JANIS

New dog: QUEEN

New dog: SANDY

New dog: SUNDAY

Nov 8

Adopted cat: QUINTINA

Nov 3

Adopted cat: JOE

Nov 1

Adopted cat: SPECTRE

October 2020
Oct 30

New cat: EDDIE

New dog: HONEY

New cat: JANIS

New cat: POLLY

New cat: STORMY

Oct 29

New dog: FRANKIE

New dog: HOPE

New dog: KOBY

New dog: ROOGIE

New dog: SHILOH

New dog: SPARQUE

Oct 26

New cat: HARLEY

Adopted cat: MAMA

Oct 25

Adopted dog: UZIAH

Oct 24

Adopted dog: AVA

Adopted cat: CARLOS

Adopted dog: CHIEF

Adopted cat: GRAY

Adopted dog: IVY

Adopted dog: JAGO

Oct 19

Adopted dog: LEXI

Oct 18

Adopted dog: KYLO

Adopted cat: SMURF

Adopted cat: SUGAR

Oct 17

New pics for AVA

New vids for CALLIE

Adopted dog: DOOLEY

New pics for IVY

New pics for KAMILLE

New pics for KYLO

Adopted dog: ROMIE

Adopted cat: SIMON

Adopted cat: TRIXIE

Oct 16

Adopted cat: DIAMOND

Adopted dog: DORY

New vids for EVANDER

Adopted dog: POPCORN

Adopted cat: SHINE

Oct 15

Adopted cat: BAILEE

New pics for BENJI

New dog: POPCORN

Oct 14

New vids for CHIEF

Adopted cat: FINCH

Adopted cat: FUGO

New dog: IVY

New vids for JAGO

New pics for JOE

New pics for MILO

New pics for MISHA

New vids for SHADOAH

New pics for UZIAH

Oct 13

New cat: HANK

New cat: HARLEY

New cat: HARRIET

New cat: HAZEL

New pics for HECTOR

New cat: HENNA

Adopted cat: LANETTE

New dog: LEXI

New pics for SILVER

Oct 12

Adopted dog: ARCHIE

New cat: CARLOS

Adopted dog: ENNIS

New cat: HECTOR

New cat: HEMI

New cat: HOLLY

New dog: JAGO

New cat: MILO

Adopted dog: MISHA

Oct 11


New cat: FIONA

Adopted cat: LILLY

New dog: MISHA

New pics for ROMIE

Adopted cat: SENTRA

New pics for SHADOAH

Oct 10

New dog: AVA

New dog: DORY

New dog: ENNIS

Adopted cat: OLIVE

Adopted cat: SAM

Oct 9

Adopted dog: BRIDGETT

Adopted dog: LOUISE

Oct 8

New dog: CHIEF

Oct 7

New dog: KAMILLE

New dog: KYLO

New dog: LOUISE

New pics for UZIAH

Oct 6


Oct 5

Adopted cat: DORA

New cat: FUGO

New cat: JOE

Oct 4

Adopted cat: BENNY

Adopted dog: COCO

Adopted dog: CONSTANTINE

New cat: CYNTHIA


New cat: DESHAWN

New cat: DORA

Adopted cat: ERICA

Adopted cat: GLITTER

Adopted cat: KALEB

Adopted dog: LOUISE

Adopted cat: PIPER

Adopted cat: REGINA

New cat: SHINE

New cat: SPARKLE

New cat: TRIXIE

Oct 3

New pics for CALLIE

Oct 2

New pics for GRAY

New cat: GRAY

Oct 1

Adopted cat: BELLA