Pet Updates
at the Humane Society of Dallas County

Adopted cat: ELLIOTT

Adopted cat: MONTY

Adopted cat: PRINCESS

Jan 14

Adopted cat: ALDEN

Adopted cat: AUGGIE

New cat: HANNA

Jan 13

New cat: BUTLER

New cat: ELLIOTT

Adopted cat: LIBBY


New cat: SCOTT

New cat: SNOW PEA

Jan 12

New cat: NUGGET

Jan 11

New pics for CLARA

New pics for HUEY

New pics for MONTY

Adopted dog: REMI

Jan 10

New pics for ABBY

Adopted cat: CHATTER

New cat: FURY

New cat: MONTY

New dog: SPANKY

Jan 9

Adopted cat: BROWNIE

Adopted cat: CALLIE

Adopted cat: DISCO

New pics for HARRIET

Adopted cat: PAIGE

Adopted cat: TABBY

Adopted dog: THOR

Jan 8

New dog: BENNY

New dog: BENNY

New dog: CHER

New cat: CLARA

New dog: HARLEY

New pics for JACK

New pics for TURKEY

Jan 7

New cat: ABBY

New cat: ALDEN

New cat: BRIANA

New cat: HUEY

New cat: LAWSON

New cat: LIBBY

New cat: MASH

New cat: SITA

Jan 6

New pics for GOOSE

New dog: JACK

Jan 5

New cat: AUGGIE

Jan 3

Adopted cat: CRANBERRY

New pics for MASH

New cat: OREO

Adopted cat: STUFFING

Adopted cat: SUE

Jan 2

Adopted cat: ALVIN

New cat: LILY

New pics for QBERT

Adopted cat: SIMON

Adopted cat: SMORZ

New dog: THOR

New dog: THOR

New dog: THOR

Jan 1

Adopted cat: MARGOT


December 2020
Dec 31

New cat: BELLE

New cat: KRACKER

New cat: MASH

New cat: QBERT

Dec 30

New cat: BLU

Adopted cat: HOLLY

Adopted cat: MOLLY (FALL)

Adopted cat: OREO

Adopted cat: SANGRIA

Adopted cat: SPOT

Adopted cat: TATER

Dec 29

New cat: HEMI


New cat: TATER

New cat: TURKEY

Dec 28

Adopted cat: JULIA

Adopted cat: MAGIC

Adopted cat: NUGGET

New cat: SMORZ

New cat: SPARKLE

New cat: ZOE

Dec 27

New cat: SPOT

Dec 26

New cat: ALVIN

New cat: BROWNIE

Adopted cat: LEIA

New cat: MARGOT

Adopted cat: REGINA

Adopted cat: SIMBA

New cat: SIMON


Dec 24

New cat: LICKERS

New pics for SANGRIA

Adopted cat: SASSY

Dec 23

Adopted cat: MILO

New cat: MOCHI

Adopted cat: SUKI

Adopted cat: TITAN

Dec 22

New cat: SIMBA

Adopted cat: SPARKLE

Dec 20

Adopted cat: GINGER

Adopted cat: HECTOR

Adopted cat: JACK

Adopted dog: OSCAR

Dec 18

Adopted cat: HAN

Adopted dog: SHADOAH

Dec 17

Adopted cat: JADE

Adopted cat: POLLY

Adopted cat: SOPHIE

Dec 16

New cat: GINGER

New cat: OREO

Dec 15

Adopted cat: CHAMPAGNE

Adopted cat: CHARLIE

Adopted cat: MILLER

Dec 14

New cat: MILO

New pics for SUKI

Dec 13

New pics for CHARLIE

New pics for CHATTER

Adopted cat: LUKE

New cat: MARGOT

New pics for MILO

Dec 12

Adopted cat: CAJUN

Adopted cat: SANTANA

Adopted cat: SYDNEY

Dec 11

Adopted cat: KEEBLER

Adopted dog: QUEEN

New cat: SYDNEY

Dec 10

New cat: COSMO

New cat: DISCO

Adopted dog: FLO

New cat: GOOSE

New pics for JADE

Adopted cat: PRINCE

New pics for SIMBA

New cat: TOOTS

Dec 8


New cat: CHARLIE

New cat: SIMBA

Dec 6

Adopted cat: AMOS

Adopted cat: HAZEL

Adopted dog: JAGO

Adopted cat: STORM

Dec 5

New vids for HONEY

Adopted cat: JAVI

New cat: SANGRIA

New cat: SANTANA

New cat: SPOT

New cat: SUKI

New cat: SYDNEY

New cat: SYDNEY

New cat: SYDNEY

New cat: SYDNEY

New pics for TITAN

Dec 4

Adopted cat: HARLEY

Adopted cat: JACOB

Adopted cat: MILO

Adopted cat: SILVER

Dec 3

New dog: JAGO

New pics for MOLLY (FALL)

Dec 2

Adopted cat: FORTUNE