Pet Updates
at the Humane Society of Dallas County

New cat: TOMMY

New cat: TUX

New cat: TUX

May 22

New vids for DOLLY

New cat: GEORGIA

Adopted cat: OREO

New vids for WINSTON

May 21

New vids for IGGY

May 20

Adopted dog: BRUISER

New pics for DOLLY

New pics for IGGY

May 19

New dog: DOLLY

New dog: IGGY

New dog: KASHA

Adopted cat: PRECIOUS

May 16

New cat: HOSHI

May 15

New dog: GOLDIE

New dog: SUGAR

Adopted cat: THEODORE

New dog: WINSTON

May 14

Adopted cat: OZZIE

Adopted cat: PEPPER

May 13

Adopted dog: JACKSON

May 11

Adopted dog: GOOFY

May 9

Adopted cat: SUGAR

May 8

Adopted cat: MACADAMIA

New cat: OREO

New cat: PEPPER

Adopted cat: PERCY


New cat: SUGAR

May 7

Adopted cat: APRIL

New vids for GOLDIE

New vids for GOYA

Adopted dog: MARIO

New vids for SUGAR

May 6

Adopted cat: CELESTE

New dog: GOLDIE

New dog: GOYA

Adopted cat: JOURNEY

New dog: SUGAR

May 5

Adopted cat: HOSHI

New cat: SPROUT

May 3

New vids for BRUISER

New vids for JOY

May 1

New cat: CALVIN

April 2022
Apr 30

Adopted cat: STELLA

Apr 29

New dog: BRUISER

Adopted dog: DUSTY

Adopted dog: HONEY

New dog: JOY


New dog: WINSTON

Apr 28

Adopted cat: JILL

Apr 27

Adopted cat: BAKER

New pics for HOSHI

New pics for JILL

New pics for SHADOW

Apr 26

New cat: APRIL

New cat: MJ

Apr 25

Adopted dog: JADA

Apr 24

New cat: JACK

New cat: JILL

New cat: SHADOW

Adopted dog: SKY

Adopted cat: TIPPY

Apr 23

Adopted dog: BOWIE

Adopted cat: GEORGIA

New pics for HOSHI

Adopted dog: TACO

Adopted dog: ZENA

Apr 20

New cat: CANDY

New pics for CELESTE

New cat: HOSHI

Apr 19


Apr 18

Adopted cat: ALMOND JOY

New cat: MINERVA

Adopted cat: TWINKEL TOES

Apr 17

Adopted dog: GRACE

Adopted cat: NEO

Apr 16

Adopted cat: DIESEL

Adopted cat: GRAND

Adopted cat: JEROME

New dog: MARIO

Adopted cat: TWIZZLER

Apr 15

New cat: DART

New pics for JACK

New cat: JEROME

Adopted cat: SNICKERS

Adopted cat: YORK

Apr 14

New pics for SNICKERS

New pics for TWIZZLER

New pics for YORK

Apr 13

New cat: CELESTE

Adopted cat: TWIX

Apr 12


New cat: GRAND


New cat: TWIX


New cat: YORK

Apr 10

Adopted dog: BRUNO

Adopted cat: CALVIN

Adopted cat: JULIA

Adopted cat: MILO

Adopted cat: PEACE

Apr 5

New vids for JULIA

New pics for NEO

Apr 4

Adopted dog: LEAH

Apr 3

Adopted dog: BUZZ

New pics for JADA

New vids for SEWELL

Apr 2

New vids for BOWIE

New cat: FRED

New pics for JACKSON

New pics for JADA

Adopted cat: LEO

New pics for MILO

Adopted cat: SANSA

Apr 1

New dog: BRUNO

New dog: JACKSON

New dog: JADA

New dog: SEWELL