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SmallAdult MaleDog

Chihuahua, Tan

Born 8-2007


Carter is a sweet and loving chihuahua. He gets along easily with new people and didn't mind getting a little coat put on him to help keep him warm. Carter likes walks and is happy to be held and cuddled. He doesn't eat much, just snacks on his food during the day. He's a bed time snuggler, so if you need some extra companionship in the evening, he's on the job.

And, in a very un-chihuahua like sort of way, Carter does not bark and yap alot! He'd rather be a listener than a talker. Carter is used to having various animal companions - ranging from other small dogs, to puppies, and cats. He's a very adaptable dog. He's getting weary waiting for a home, though. He's about as sweet a pooch as you can find.

Carter has fur that is a very interesting color, like a brown with blue/black, you have to see it to appreciate it.

Carter is in a foster home and not at the shelter. So the best place to see him is at our weekly Adopt a Pet event. To find out more about Carter, contact
Good with cats
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