Labrador Retriever / Mixed, Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White) Male Dog


Evander is a long term resident! He has been at the shelter for over five crazy years. He is so loved by staff and volunteers that he now has his own guest cottage at the shelter. It was built especially for him!

In 2017 he was found living on the rough streets of Dallas. Since he is also missing one of his ears he earned the appropriate name of Evander. Just like the boxer, he is big, strong, and energetic. In a person, these traits are represented in many of our best and admired athletes. For dogs, it can make them more difficult to place. Our boy needs a person that is physically strong to walk him, and mentally strong to keep him focused. When playing, Evander can be a big goofball. He loves to un-stuff toys, throw ropes around, and play in the kiddie pool during the summer. If "E" knows you well, he is a very loving dog! He will sit as close as possible to get full body scratches and rubs. If he is unfamiliar with you, he is hesitant, cautious, and protective. All in all, he is a great dog for the right person! Nothing would make us happier than for Evander to have his own home. Please fill out an application for a Meet n Greet. Multiple meetings will be required. Be the hero that Evander needs! Maybe you need him too!

We recommend a home for Evander with no other pets and with children over 13. Evander will be the most loyal companion a person could ask for!

Adoption $100 - includes spay/neuter, microchip, and shots. All dogs are on heartworm preventative or treatment.

Prefers no cats
Prefers no dogs
Prefers no kids