Adopted • Wirehaired Fox Terrier Female Dog



Daisy was found by someone roaming in their neighborhood. She's a friendly gal and we were happy to be able to offer her a second chance at finding that perfect home.

Daisy is a fox terrier, and this breed is hunting breed, so it's important to have a secure fence and to give Daisy something to do to keep her interested. A suitable owner for Daisy is one that will take her on walks, maybe throw a ball or frisbee for her regularly, to give her a productive outlet for her energy.
Because she's a fox terrier, she does have some special grooming needs that a new owner should be prepared to accommodate.

Aside from the breed generalities, Daisy is a sweet, friendly dog. She is not shy when meeting new people. She walks well on the leash. She enjoys getting pets and also gets along with cats!!!

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Good with cats
Good with dogs