Adopted • Lhasa Apso, White with Black Male Dog



I was found wandering the neighborhood on a very cold winter night - hence my name! I'm very glad to be out of the cold, let me tell you. However, I'm sort of embarassed by my pictures. See, they decided it was best for me to "be out there" even before I got all spruced up. I have a few "missing hair" issues, but nothing that time won't fix up. I can't help it that I had to fend for myself.

That said, I'm a real beauty underneath this fur. I like being with other dogs and I love getting petted and going for walks. I'm not a big guy, so a house or apartment is fine with me.

I only ask for love (and kibble, of course). You'll get so much loyalty and love from me, let me tell you!

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Good with dogs