Adopted • Shar Pei / Mixed, Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn Female Dog


MediumYoung FemaleDog

Shar Pei / Mixed, Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn

Born 10/01/2008


Arrived at shelter 2/1/09

Hi Hi! I'm Geisha and I came from a shelter that was going to put me to sleep because I had a little skin condition. But here, they have treated me long ago and 'm very ready for adoption. I'm so very excited about this, as I'm a young poochie and I really do think that I deserve a chance at getting a good home. I'm a very friendly girl and I like getting pets. For a youngster, I walk well on the leash. I know how to "sit" and I do that very well. I also don't snap treats from you, I know how to "wait". And, that's super hard for a young dog to master, but I'm eager to please! I can also "lay down" and do "shake" too. I"m quite the talented dog.

A good home for me is one were there is love and patience. Someone to help me grow info adulthood. I'll need someone who can help housetrain me and teach me other good dog manners, but I've made pretty good progess so far with the help of shelter staff and volunteers. Who knows, I may know more tricks than your own pet (wink, wink).

I've been at the shelter for a while now, and I've watched my pals go on to homes. I just know my turn is soon. I hope that's you, I'm a good girl, I promise. If you want a great loyal friend, then pick me! You supply the home and I will be your fountain of joy and happiness. I'm a friendly, agreeable dog, you'll see.

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