Adopted • Lhasa Apso Male Dog


SmallAdult MaleDog

Lhasa Apso

Born 03-2007

LIAM has been ADOPTED!

Hi, I am Liam, and I was found by a Dog and Kitty City Volunteer outside of a local movie theater. I guess I thought my good looks would get me a ticket into the theater, but those people would have none of it! Lucky me, though, I found a kind person who picked me up and found a safe place for me to be.

And, right now, I'm very glad to be here (though, I loved the smell of the popcorn at the theater). You can see quickly that I'm a fun loving dog, liking to get attention and to check out what the other dogs are doing. But, I also would love to be by your side, listening to your voice, and offering my soft fur for you to pet and relieve your concerns (they say a worry shared is a worry halved!).

I have a play group at the shelter and so another small dog would be great for me. I am the perfect size for an apartment or house.

This time around, I'm through with movies, all I want is a ticket into your heart and home and I promise that I'll be a good doggie for you.

Come see Liam and Dog and Kitty City.
Good with dogs