Adopted • Shih Tzu, Black with White Male Dog


Little Harley's family fell on hard times and had to give him up. He was the love of their lives, but they thought he deserved better than what they could give him. They hope that someone will take Harley and love him as much as they have.

Harley is a Shih Tzu who has experience with toddlers, young children, teenagers and adults. He is reported to be good with all ages. He loves to be part of the family. Car rides are a lot of fun for Harley. He enjoys play time and especially running in an open field. He is obedient. "Go home" means go to your crate. "Go eat" walks to his dinner. "Get down" means get off the couch. He likes treats in particular beef jerky and pigs ears. One of his most favorite treats is ice cubes. He will take a piece of ice, one at a time, and take it to his eating area. He enjoys chewing on ropes during his down time. When he has been a bad boy, which is almost never, and is approached to be scolded, he turns on his back wanting a belly rub. Two things he does not like, one is roughhousing and the other is thunder and lightning. He will hide needing reassurance that all is well.