Adopted • English Pointer, White with Black Female Dog


LOLA has been ADOPTED!

Hello Lola! Well, how could it come to this? Lola was trained to be a hunting dog, but well, didn't like the gun. So, her humans thought maybe the best way to get rid of her would be to shoot her. How about that? Well, luckily Lola had a friend in another human who had more compassion in their heart. And, our shelter had space. And, now she is with us.

Lola is a sweet dog, very inquisitive and alert. She's a little unused to being on leash, but she's getting the hang of it and soon will be a pro. She has a friendly nature, looking to be a real pet instead of a working dog. She's looking for someone who has some extra love in them to give her a chance, a chance at being a family member, and for a chance to experience the full love of a human and safe, responsible home.

So, come on now, get yourself a Cherry Cola and come see Lola. You won't regret it. La la la la Lola!

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