Adopted • Shepherd / Mixed, Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut with Black Female Dog



AAS - 3/26/09

Meet Bonnie, she came to us from a kill shelter. Her sin: being a stray and having a little "hair" issue. For that, she was going to be put to sleep. Lucky for her, she and her brother, Clyde, were transferred to our shelter. Clyde was adotped, but Bonnie is still here with us, getting close to the 9 month marker at the shelter. We love her, but desparately want this good girl to have her own home.

Bonnie is a sweet girl, in full bloom of her puppyhood. She loves to run around, tussle with the other dogs, chew and generally have a good time. A good pet owner for Bonnie is one that has the patience to work with her with learning good dog manners and, of course, house training. Bonnie is not a completely unmannerly dog though, she knows how to "sit" and walks very nicely on the leash.

We are also not very sure how big Bonnie eventually be, so some flexibility on size is necessary - as of Early November Bonnie weighed 52 lbs but she will likely get around 5 lbs larger.

One thing is for sure, she is adorable, friendly and a barrel of fun.

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