Adopted • Tabby / Maine Coon / Mixed, Gray Male Cat


LargeAdult MaleCat

Tabby / Maine Coon / Mixed, Gray

Born 2007


This little boy is Bogart. He is blind; born without any eyes. Bogart is between 1 - 2 years old, a gray tabby/Maine Coon mix. He is a healthy little boy, neutered, has all his shots and is microchipped. He was found in Irving, wandering along the side of the road.

Bogart is very sweet once he recognizes your scent and your sound. He sniffs a lot, to get the scent of who is approaching him and to verify his surroundings. He can find his food and his litter box without any trouble. He moves around easily and leaps on and off tables perfectly judging the distance. He looks a little like a bunny! And wiggles his nose too! He is lulled instantly to sleep while riding in the car. He is playful like any cat and could spend lots of time playing with a backpack's strips. If you talk to him he follows your voice and rubs himself into your legs asking to be petted. He lets you know with a specific sound when he's had enough attention, and he expects you to respect that.

Bogart was returned to the shelter after being briefly adopted into a home. He injured the arm of the person who adopted him.

He needs a sanctuary more than a home. He gets aggressive when he is approached suddenly and when people don't stop interacting with him after he makes his warning sound. He's had to develop aggressiveness in order to survive for so long as a blind cat. He doesn't feel comfortable at the shelter among other cats, and they don't feel comfortable with him. But he is not wild; he approaches people with friendliness and does not get aggressive out of the blue. He needs space, a lot more than he can have at the shelter.
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