Adopted • Labrador Retriever / Terrier / Mixed, Gray Female Dog


MediumYoung FemaleDog

Labrador Retriever / Terrier / Mixed, Gray

Born 07/2008


Calypso has had quite a trying life for her young age. She was found abandoned by a good samaritan, brought to a vet clinic and found to have parvo. The kind-hearted folks at the vet fell in love with her and agreed to collect money for her treatment and to nurse her back to health. She's in perfect condition now and the clinic realized that being in a cage 24x7 was not the right place for her. We were able to bring this dog into our shelter and we hope to help usher her into the next phase of her life - one where she will have a loving and responsible owner.

Despite being in a vet environment, Calypso was not not exposed to a lot. As a result, she's a little bit shy but she's made great progress since she's been at our shelter. She wags her tail easily, she loves to jump on her house and check things out. She enjoys going for walks, but needs more practice. A good owner for Calypso would be one that is patient and gentle, with some experience with dogs.

Calypso is oh so ready to love. Like a carribean island, our litte Calypso will enchant you if you give her a chance.

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