Adopted • German Shepherd Dog, Tan/Yellow/Fawn with Black Dog


LUNA has been ADOPTED!

We got Luna from a breeder at the age of 7 weeks old. Both of her parents are registered with the AKC. Mom is around 77lbs and Dad is around 97lbs. Luna is pure-breed German Shepherd. She has such a fun , playful and goofy personality right now which is true to her breed. She turns 1 on February 2nd, 2019. She was trained at the age of 4 months and we continuously work on her obedience and behavior at home. She knows the commands: sit, off (leave it alone), out (leave the room), come, shake (her paw), and down. We are still working on Place (stay). She loves to be attached at the hip of her owner, following them from room to room. Shes loves daily exercise (walks or doggy daycare) and cuddle sessions at night. Extremely affectionate. She’s friendly with strangers and family! Since she’s still young, she has a tendency to jump on people when she’s excited but we are working on it. She Has never shown aggression towards any person, child or animal. She Has been around toddlers frequently and currently lives with a cat. She would excel in the perfect home that has the time and energy to spend with her!

Good with dogs
Good with kids