Adopted • Domestic Short Hair, Brown Tabby Male Cat



*Oink* Yes, you heard me right: I sound like a PIG! That's because I have a congenital defect of my nose, but it doesn't stop me from being an energetic and fun kitten! I have quite a story (my fostermom made me a Shutterfly book that explains all of my medical history for my new family), but here are the Cliff's Notes:

I was born in May 2018. Staff at Dog and Kitty City rescued me from Animal Control. I was 5 days old all by myself :( My foster mom took me in and bottle fed me. After an infection in my sinuses and eye were cleared up (I had to take antibiotics), my foster mom noticed my chest seemed strange, especially when I was lying down next to another foster kitten she got to keep me company. An XRay confirmed I have what they call Pectus Excavatum. Basically my ribcage isn't formed like most cats. A specialty surgeon checked meowt (see what I did there?) and since mine is a mild/moderate form, I didn't require any surgery! Yay! As time went on, I didn't grow as big as most cats: I'm only 6.5 lbs right now and probably won't grow anymore. The doctors I've seen don't have a ton of experience with kittens like me, so they cannot predict if I'll have any medical issues in the future or if my lifespan may be cut short. As of today, you can't really tell I've gone through all the medical issues, other than I still snort from my nose deformity (you can see in the picture where I'm standing on the stairs, a light is directly on my nose) and I get winded from running around sooner than most kittens. I'm fun and LOVE TO PLAY FETCH! I'm SOOOOO GOOD at it! I also still "nurse" on my bed: my foster mom weaned me VERY late because at the time, she didn't think I was going to be with her much longer, so she let me have whatever I wanted - which was the bottle :) So when I'm laying down for the night, I suckle on my bed. I LOVE cuddling and wrestling with my foster big-brother, so I really need another kitten/young cat to snuggle and play with. I'm a really good boy and can't wait to find my furrever home!
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