Adopted • Pug / Mixed, Fawn Female Dog


SmallYoung FemaleDog

Pug / Mixed, Fawn

Born 07/2008


Our two sister pug mixes were found in a country road - likely dumped out there by someone who didn't want them. Why anyone thinks this solution is a good one is a mystery to animal lovers everywhere. Sprinkles and Sparkles were found by a kind-hearted person and we were able to take in these two sisters.

Sparkles is a wee bit more confident than Sprinkles. Both these sweet dogs are learning to trust and our shelter is a great place to be exposed to caring people and other dogs. But, every dog yearns for their own family and home, where they can get individual attention. Already, we can see improvement in Sparkles, she's a wiggly, waggly girl, just wanting to give love and kisses.

Sparkles is a sweet dogs, very gentle but a tad shaken up by their experience. We're looking to place these two sisters together in one home.

Come see both these adorable dogs at Dog and Kitty City.

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