Adopted • Hound / Mixed, Tan/Yellow/Fawn with Black Male Dog


MediumAdult MaleDog

Hound / Mixed, Tan/Yellow/Fawn with Black

Born 3-2006


My name is Dodger ... and I bet you can guess how I came by that name.
As you can see from my photos, I have a few injuries, but my rescuers tell
me I'm a walking miracle. Last year I was hanging out at a park in Oak Cliff. I
foraged for food and slept in the park at night. A couple
of rescuers tried to save me, but I was just too crafty. I was afraid of
people based on past experiences and thought I would be better off on
my own. So, fast forward to March 2009. Another rescuer got a call from
a lady asking for help in catching me before I got hurt. She had tried without
success to capture me, but I was too afraid to come near. I was too
smart to go in the trap, but they tell me they caught lots of cats! I had
moved to this residential area from Kidd Springs Park because there was
lots of cat food to eat ... yep, I'm the same dog from over a year ago. So
enter rescuers number 4 and 5, who finally caught me in a pen and got me
to the vet for the help I need. Since the beginning of my story I was apparently
hit by a car - so hard that it embedded one of my teeth into a
bone. I also had part of my right front paw severed in this mishap, and half
of my tail is missing. Amazingly enough, through all of this I'm a very gentle
and obedient dog. I like humans and other animals - a lot.
Now I have had surgeries to remove the bone chips from my paw and the
embedded tooth from my bone and I was neutered, so I'm feeling way better
now. But I'm still very tentative when meeting new people. I'm not sure
if I can trust them or not. I also finished my heartworm treatment, so I
need a home with a nice, quiet place for me to recuperate. I'm not supposed
to exercise or get excited for 6 weeks, but having someone rub my
ears would make me recover faster, I'm sure! I currently weight 50 lbs.
and I am crate trained. I'm also very, very smart (otherwise they would
have caught me sooner) so I could easily learn the doggie door routine.

Dodger is not at the shelter, if you would like to arrange to meet Dodger or ask more questions about him, contact Tricia at
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