Adopted • Terrier / Mixed, Brown/Chocolate Male Dog


SmallYoung MaleDog

Terrier / Mixed, Brown/Chocolate

Born 11/15/07


Bowie is a 1 ½-year-old wire-coated terrier mix, and we don’t call him that for nothing! This dog has the personality of a rock star, not to mention the adorable underbite of a young Bruce Springsteen. And he has a gorgeously soft coat of, well, not fur so much as hair. We don’t know what conditioner he’s been using, but we want some!

He is friendly, happy, well-mannered and a people-lover! He is also excellently trained at playing “fetch” – no kidding. Bowie gets the ball, brings it back and drops it right at your feet. Talent and brains!

Bowie weighs about 30 pounds, and was brought to Dog & Kitty City from a kill shelter. He has no health issues or problems and charms everyone he meets! Who couldn’t love this sweet pup?
Good with dogs