Adopted • Female Cat • Orange American Shorthair


Medium • Young • Female

American Shorthair (Orange)

Born 2/3/18

NYLA has been ADOPTED!

DOB 2/3/18

Nyla, female – Orange Tabby. She is not at the shelter, hoping to rehome from foster. Contact shelter for more information. Nyla is super sweet and loves to lie on you, be petted, will purr for as long as she’s there. She has not intentionally bit or scratched, is not mean, but does love bites. Nyla is a dominate one, likes things her way, but is super lovable. She use the litter box. When she wants is a lap cat but also loves to play. She will sleep with you and loves to be by your side, but also likes her little cat tree. Foster has it on a shelf and this will be coming with her as well as her toys and litter box. Sometimes when up at night, she leaves toys by shoes or on the couch. She has scratching posts and uses them, but may try to scratch the couch, needed spray water handy for her. Foster occasionally lets her out on the downstairs patio. She has never run off as long as she knows where you are and what door she needs to come back into. She is an inside only cat. She likes to make foster get up and down to let her out, then she’ll want back in. She has regularly been brushed, had her teeth cleaned, and her claws trimmed. She doesn’t like the trimming much and wiggles. She has been free fed, and watered and likes to drink from the sink. Nyla will meow for her water and talks some.
Good with cats
Good with kids