Adopted • Domestic Short Hair, Orange and White Male Cat



Nyla – All Orange Tabby - Flynt – Orange & White Tabby

Date of Birth: 2/3/18

Both are not at the shelter, we are hoping to rehome them from a foster home, for more information contact the shelter.

Both are super sweet and lovable cats, couldn’t ask for a better pair. I prefer they stay together, they play together, play fight like brothers and sisters do, but never mean. Although I’m sure they would do fine separately as well. They play together but sleep separately. They each have their areas they like to sleep.

Nyla is the stinker butt, she is the dominant one, likes things her way. But is super lovable and will lay and purr as long as you allow her. She likes to go outside or maybe likes to make me get up and down to let her out and then she’ll want back in. I have a patio she can go out on or sometimes out the front while I’m watching. They are both inside cats though. But both like to explore and as long as they know you are with them, they’ll explore outside.

Flynt has his unique way of being loved on, he loves to lay over your shoulder while you scratch his back. He’ll kneed you. He loves to play and will bring you toys, he wants you to chase him and grab it from him and run back into another room, he’ll do this for however long you are willing. Morning and Night. Sometimes when they are up at night, while I’m asleep I’ll have toys by my shoes or on the couch. They both have their ways of playing.

They both sleep with me, one on each side. Sometimes it’s when I go to bed but most likely when I’m asleep as they do play at night.

I do have scratching posts and they use them, Nyla will try to use my couch, I have the water handy for her. I think she does it out of spite though, she likes to make me get up off the couch. I do keep their claws trim and Flynt could careless that you trim his claws, but Nyla doesn’t like it as much and wiggles. Neither have intentionally bit me are scratched me.

Neither are mean, but do love bites. Flynts are sharper than Nylas. Both use the litter boxes just fine. They eat dry food and occasionally canned. I free feed, and water. Both like to drink from the sink (sorry bad habit I started), it’s mainly Nyla though that does it, but Flynt has started to as well although he isn’t as coordinated as her. Nyla will meow for her water and Flynt meows cause he wants to play. They do talk some, Nyla more than Flynt.

They’re cats, so yes they do shed. I brush them, have cleaned their teeth, and trim their nails regularly. They are not needy cats, but do like their attention, to be loved on and played with. They are not allowed on my counters and do pretty well as long as I don’t make it easy for them. Nyla likes to test ya, so she waits till you are home to get on things she isn’t supposed to.

They are great cats, uses the litter box, when they want they are lap cats, but also love to play. All toys, litter boxes, cat trees, and accessories will be coming with them.

Good with cats
Good with kids