Adopted • Chihuahua / Schipperke / Mixed, Black with White Male Dog


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Chihuahua / Schipperke / Mixed, Black with White

Born 4/2008

KIWI has been ADOPTED!

Arrived at Shelter - 5/9/2009

Kiwi is a sweet, energetic boy who is a people pleaser from the word go. He's eager to go on a walk, but is also happy to just sit and get pets with you. He came to our shelter from another shelter where his time "was up" and he had the sniffles. He's long since gotten over his cold, and is waiting for a chance to show everyone that he's a special, lovable dog. For a chihuahua, this little guy is a gem. Totally friendly, totally fun, totally easy going. Big lover too.

Kiwi will do great in an apartment with regular walks. He's very outgoing, loving to meet new dogs and new people. He also enjoys the cuddling time. He's a versatile dog - energetic and mellow in one sweet package. This dog gets along with everyone.

His pictures don't do him justice (it's hard to take pictures of dogs with black face and eyes). He's got cute ears and a cute curly tail. We promise, you will think he's wonderful if you come out to meet him.

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