Adopted • Terrier / Mixed, White with Brown or Chocolate Female Dog



Arrived at shelter - 5/19/09

Latte has some interesting ears going on! They move around in all directions and curl up at the top. However, our adorable Latte is deaf. She was turned into our shelter by her former owner because they didn't know how to work with her. Luckily, deaf dogs can be trained, they need mainly patience and for their owner to have some understanding of the training tricks for deaf dogs.

She's a young dog and so she's quite fiesty and energetic. She's learned how to walk well on the leash and knows how to sit. She's a gorgeous dog and friendly to boot. She seeks to please the humans around her, she's a pleasure to be around.

Latte has been at the shelter for nearing ayear in May, and she's really looking to have a place of her own, a family that loves her, one that she can be part of and enrich their lives too. She hopes they can look past her special needs and see her for the loving dog that she is. Is that you? She's waiting.....please don't dissapoint this terrific dog.

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Special needs
Good with dogs