Adopted • Tortoiseshell Female Cat


SmallYoung FemaleCat


Born 10/2008

EVA has been ADOPTED!

Eva is a gorgeous little tortoiseshell kitty who just loves to cuddle. We don't know how she came to be out on the streets all alone but she knew just where to find some love and attention. She's about 7-8 months old and has been a foster kitty for the last month.

Eva wants so badly to find her forever home, preferably somewhere with some calm animal friends or where she'll have her owners attention all to herself. She doesn't like rambunctious dogs that bounce around her but would be great with dogs that are a bit more calm and composed. As long as she can lounge in peace, she's happy. But don't let her professional napping skills deceive you! Eva has some spunk of her own and loves to chase laser lights and wrestle with blankets. She'll take playful swipes at you as well, but don't worry, Eva has never scratched a single person while in our care and she lets kids pick her up and haul her around without any protest. She does enjoy a good romp outside, so if you're looking for an indoor/outdoor kitty, Eva would be wonderful.

Eva has been tested for FeLV and FIV and is negative for both. She'll be getting vaccinated for this as well as her second round of kitten distemper when she is spayed on Thursday. She's had her rabies already, so as of Thursday, she will only lack her third and final distemper booster.

Eva is a guest listing at our shelter. She's staying with her foster mom, so to inquire about her please email lemonielime@sbcglobal.net.
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