Adopted • Terrier / Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie / Mixed, Gray Male Dog


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Terrier / Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie / Mixed, Gray

Born 6/08


My, my… little Sterling was found wandering outside in the dark of the night, and he's too little for that (he's maybe 10 lbs) – and too young, too!

When he was rescued, he was so relieved to no longer be on his own. He's perfect for an apartment, but a nice yard with a loving human friend who will take him for walks is also high on Sterling's wish list. Sterling is just now a year old, which means chewing and romping around are on his agenda, but he knows how to behave too, he’s an absolute gentleman.

If you like to laugh, then Sterling is your guy - he's quite the circus pup! He is an expert fetcher, with tennis balls being a favorite of his. He loves to run and leap (with the occassional triple toe loop tossed in - just kidding!) and chase after the balls, which keeps our volunteers in stitches. He walks well on the leash and enjoys getting attention and treats – and he is quite the charmer, it took no time for the heart of his photographer to melt and for her to be in doggie love with Sterling.

You can fall in love too with Sterling. Just come on down to Dog & Kitty City and prepare to find his sweet and friendly nature irresistible.
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