Adopted • Chihuahua / Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler / Mixed, Black with White Female Dog



Oh, hello Jackie!! This sweet dog comes to our shelter a vicitim of a family situation. Her family faced a problem of having 3 pets in an only 2 pets allowed apartment. So, her family sadly had to find a place for one of the fur kids. They were devastated and called many places to see if Jackie could be saved, all they could find were shelters where Jackie would risk being put to sleep. Until they came to us and they waited for us to have space. With that, Jackie has another chance at life and a new family.

She's a sweet, gentle dog. Right now, confused to no longer be with her family. Jackie
comes when called, sits when asked, and will "go lay down". She is a very quick
learner! She walks gently on leash, doesn't howl or bark from boredom and is
trained to be an inside dog and to potty outside on schedule.

Jackie was also her owner's therapy dog and she would sit on her former owner's chest before seizure-episodes by senseing energy and emotional changes. She's quite the sensitive dog.

Jackie needs a home where she can get lots of belly rubs and gets to snuggling behind your knees in the winder. If you are that person, then....

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Prefers no cats
Good with dogs
Good with kids