Shepherd / Mixed Male Dog


MediumAdult MaleDog

Shepherd / Mixed

Born 6/24/2018

My name is Jack and I have been in the shelter for over a year. I am looking for a "human in shining armor". Someone kind and brave that will rescue me from the difficult situation of shelter life . I am so worth it! The people at the shelter tell me that I am one of their FAVORITE DOGS! Over the last few months I have worked hard to learn proper leash & walking skills, pack walk, place training / increased impulse control and to be calm on leash when other dogs are near me. I have made a great training transformation!! Not to brag, but I am really smart? I also mastered "sit" and "lay down". If you adopt me, I can show you in our own private training session what a good boy I am! The shelter will arrange it for us! I like to work and learn. Treats really motivate me! My favorite pastime is going on longs walks, playing with toys, and being a partner in a game of fetch!
I am not a big fan of furry friends. Prefer to have my own place with my very own humans. I like to have all of the attention and belly rubs to myself. If we aren't playing, a calm environment would be best. I don't like surprise friend visits or crazy activity near me. If a stranger pops out of an apartment door or through my backyard gate, I might give him a warning nip. There are sooooo many easy things you can do to prevent a situation like this. My trainer will be happy to discuss it with you. You should come check me out. By the way, I am potty trained, super on a leash, and love to ride in the car. I am an all around great guy that just doesn't like surprises. Once I get to know you, I am VERY LOYAL and loving! The shelter says we should visit for three times before you save me! Fill out an application to set up a Meet 'n Greet!

Adoption includes spay/neuter, microchip, and shots. All dogs are on heartworm preventative or treatment.

Adoption Donation $100