Shepherd / Mixed Male Dog


MediumAdult MaleDog

Shepherd / Mixed

Born 6/24/18

I am a good pup with lots of fun energy! My favorite pastime is going on longs walks and playing with toys. I love fetch and would be a great companion for older kids. Did I mention that I am smart? Mastered "sit" and "lay down" and I am ready to learn more. Treats really motivate me to learn. The volunteers at the shelter spoil me with pup-peroni. They are usually telling me how much they LOVE me and that I am their very favorite!!

I am not a big fan of furry friends. Would prefer to have my own place with my very own humans. I like to have all of the attention and belly rubs to myself. If we aren't playing, a calm environment would be best. I don't like surprise friend visits or crazy activity near me. If a stranger pops out of an apartment door or through my backyard gate, I might give him a warning nip. There are sooooo many easy things you can do to prevent a situation like this. I mean, President Biden's dogs did the same thing recently at the White House. They are getting another chance!! You should come check me out. I am an all around great guy and I am worth it! Fill out an application to set up a Meet 'n Greet! I really am a favorite!

Adoption includes spay/neuter, microchip, and shots. All dogs are on heartworm preventative or treatment.

Adoption Donation $100