Shepherd / Mixed Male Dog


MediumAdult MaleDog

Shepherd / Mixed

Born 6/24/2018

Jack is looking for a "human in shining armor". Someone kind & brave that will rescue him. He has been living shelter life for over 2 years! During that time he has become a FAVORITE! He loves going on long walks, playing with toys, retrieving balls, & relaxing in the yard. He is 100% potty trained, super on a leash, & loves to ride in a car. Jack's hiccup is being cautious of strangers. However, once he knows you, he is very loving & loyal. He gladly accepts affection & belly rubs from the people he trusts! Jack has worked with a trainer on pack walking, place training, & impulse control. His training transformation has been amazing! He has received compliments on his good manners & leash skills from complete strangers! Ideal living for Jack is an adult home with a yard. This boy is ready for the castle of his dreams. Fill out an application and schedule a Meet 'n Greet.

$100 Adoption- covers spay/neuter, microchip, and shots. You will receive one month of prevention free. Dogs should be on heartworm prevention their entire lives.

Jack has had sleepovers with our volunteers and they report he does great in a home. He is well potty trained and goes quickly when you take him outside. He loves to cuddle and often stays in the same place for hours. Jack likes to stretch out and nap, but also likes to include you when he plays with toys. He also fetches. Two things that stand out for Jack is how quickly he learns your routine and his patience. He is always two steps ahead, both physically and mentally because he likes to anticipate your next move. Jack is also very patient. Many dogs get excited when something is about to happen, but Jack will just sit or lay down and wait for you. If you are working from home, in the kitchen, or just doing chores, Jack will quietly follow you but not be in the way. He does not beg for food and just lays near you while you eat. Jack does well on a leash and learns the route quickly. He loves going in the car where he will stick his head out the window or just lay down. Jack does socialize with other dogs at the shelter, but prefers being around smaller dogs. Click the image below to see Jack visiting a volunteer.