Adopted • Chihuahua / Pomeranian / Mixed, Tan Male Dog


SmallYoung MaleDog

Chihuahua / Pomeranian / Mixed, Tan

Born 3/2009


Hello there! I'm Radar and well, they gave me that goofy name because I have ears the size of a large radar. I'm an "earhound" as they say. Well, frankly, I am not too self concious of my ears. I get told a lot that I'm quite the looker. People like my soft curly fur and the color of it too. I'm a designer dog (in my mind I am) - a fancy "Chipom" or is it "Pomchi"? No matter. By the way, I have longish hair and it is a beautiful strawberry blonde color, the pictures don't do my fur color justice.

I came to this place from another shelter where I got there as a result of busting loose and taking myself on an adventure that didn't really turn out to be too great. I am inquisitive and will need an owner who is ready to guide me through puppy hood - maybe teach me some manners and other good dog behavior.

I love to chew and play with other dogs. I'm very social and get along with everyone I meet. If you need someone to keep your lap warm, I am your dog.

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