Adopted • Chihuahua, Black with White Female Dog



Hello there! A female really doesn't discuss her age now, does she?! This Sweet Gal was found running, running with all her heart, south on a northbound road! Things looked bad for her but she had an Earth Angel who helped her get out of trouble. Sweet Gal was running finally stopped in a yard, in a safe place, and panting, panting, panting, she let herself get caught.

Since getting caught, Sweet Gal got a nice little pedicure and spa bath and she acted perfectly during these two events. Snarling and snappy are not things this Sweet Gal does at all, oh no! Now, she smells like a dream and her fur is soft like velvet. Sweet Gal gets excited when it's dinner time, she wags her tail easily, and, well, doesn't yap any either! She loves pets and to sit in your lap. At a tiny 4.8 lbs, Sweet Gal feels like a feather in your lap. She's a pleasure to be around. And don't think for one minute that Sweet Gal is ready to leave earth any time soon. A dog with the heart to run with all her might down a street has many years of love to give.

Sweet Gal is in a foster home, so if you want to meet her, contact Pat at patrod@sbcglobal.net
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