Adopted • Terrier / Mixed, Brown/Chocolate with White Female Dog


MediumBaby FemaleDog

Terrier / Mixed, Brown/Chocolate with White

Born 5/15/09


This outgoing, adorable pup was turned into our shelter by a kind hearted police man who found her at one of the house he was investigating. He couldn't leave this tiny baby behind, so he took her in the hopes he could do something good for her.

She's still quite young and since we have no idea what her mom and dad look like, we are not sure what she is. She may get to be 45 - 50 lbs, at this point we're not sure. But, we are sure she's a sweet and rambunctious doggie. She'll need someone who will be able to take her through the puppy stages.

Paloma is a beauty, are you that lucky person who will get to share her life?

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