Domestic Short Hair, Black Male Cat


SmallAdult MaleCat

Domestic Short Hair, Black

Born 4/15/2018

Rascal was found outside when he was a 4 month old scared, starving kitten. He blossomed into a healthy, handsome, quirky, affectionate cat who loves to be petted, combed, to watch birds and animals through the window, and keep his family on a regular meal schedule. He loves to be thrown small toys, which he will catch in midair! In the evening, he likes to curl up in laps or snuggle next to his people while they watch TV, and he sleeps at the foot of the bed. In the morning, he lovingly announces with purrs and biscuits that it’s breakfast time. Due to his rough start, Rascal is still very shy and nervous around unfamiliar people and prefers to hide or observe them from a distance until his curiosity gets the best of him. He needs a family who understands this and is willing to wait patiently for him to feel safe. He will probably do best in a quieter home. He has never been around dogs or other adult cats. He is a sweet and affectionate kitty who will reward his family with endless entertainment, snuggles, purrs, and “biscuit-making.”

DOB 4-18-15

Good with cats