Adopted • Labrador Retriever / Mixed, Black with White Male Dog


MediumBaby MaleDog

Labrador Retriever / Mixed, Black with White

Born 3/2/20


My name is SINBAD. I am a vivacious, cute Lab Mix that was born on 12-9-20. I am mostly black, but I have a lightning bolt of white on my forehead. I also have white on my chest and my paws. The shelter did not get a chance to meet my parents or see what size they were. They are guessing that I will be a Medium/Large dog. You will need to be patient when adopting me! I am just a baby. I still have a lot to learn. Will you be the one to teach me? Fill out an application to set up a Meet 'n Greet.

Adoption Donation $200. It is Tax Deductible and includes a spay/neuter certificate, microchip, and shots. With puppies we allow you to adopt and take home prior to their spay/neuter. You will leave a deposit by check, cash, or credit card information for $200 guaranteeing that you will have your pet neutered using our free certificate or by using your own vet. The check is not cashed, cash is not deposited, nor is the credit card run if you show us proof of fixing your pet.

Microchip #987000008628904