Adopted • Labrador Retriever / Mixed, Black with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut Female Dog



AAS - 8/12/09

Hey there! Let me tell you, it's been a little rough on me. My previous owner wasn't thinking right when they decided they didn't want me anymore and thought it was OK to tie me to the shelter fence. It was dark and hot and I was scared by every noise. I had no where to go to protect myself! In the morning, the nice man brought me into the shelter, and so here I am now. Not scared any more.

I'm quite a friendly girl, I really like people a lot. Despite my sad story, I'm very joyful and perky. I love to give kisses and wag my tail with abandon. One of the shelter ladies told me I walk well on the leash, I don't pull and jerk around. I'm sure I'd get much better with practice, but who wouldn't?

I'm a young girl, and despite having Lab in my breed, they don't think I'll get too big. Probably not more than 50 lbs, maybe less. For now, being a youngster, it's probably a good idea that my new owner be patient and able to give me lots of exercise and help me learn my manners. I'm really eager to please.

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P.S. My pictures don't do me justice, they promised they'd get better ones soon. In the meantime, please come see me!
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