Chihuahua / Mixed, Red Male Dog


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Chihuahua / Mixed, Red

Born 7/11/20

Gaston is a male chihuahua mix that we saved from another Texas shelter. He is as cute as a lil', red button. He currently shares a kennel with other small dogs and truly loves their company. We know that he would be so happy in a pack to call his own! Sadly we aren't sure what Gaston's first year of life looked like. We think he was treated terribly! If you don't try to pick him up, he is absolutely fabulous! Gaston will get in your lap for snuggles and accept lots of loving, but on his on accord. Watch the attached video and request more. He is also so entertaining to watch! He loves to play chase with his toys in the yard, take treats from your hand, go for walks, and get back scratches! He has made so much progress since joining us! He needs a patient, kind hearted adopter to show him what love feels like. We have seen this before in mistreated dogs. There were probably young children trying to pick him up and carry him around. Gaston just needs time! He has a huge, funny, adorable personality. Please set up a Meet 'n Greet for our cute work in progress.

Adoption of $200 covers spay/neuter, shots, and microchip. All of our dogs are on Heartworm Prevention or Treatment.