Tabby, Brown Tabby Female Cat


Hello there, I'm Lovie. I'm a sweet long-haired lady with a spring in her step, literally! I was born with wobbly cat syndrome, which means that the part of my brain that controls balance and coordination doesn't work so well. Other than that, I'm just like any other cat. I use the litter box, I try to get into kitchen cabinets, I get silly over catnip and I keep my fur all shiny and clean. If you give me the chance, I won't hesitate to wash your hair too! If you scratch my chin just right, I'll be your best friend, even if I only just met you. I love being brushed, snuggling up to you in bed and being told I'm the prettiest girl in the world - I'll even mrreow in agreement. Because of my clumsiness, I need to stay indoors to stay safe. I also can't go near stairs or I might get really hurt. I'm currently staying with a foster family, so if you're interested in meeting me, please fill out an application to adopt me. See you soon!
Special needs
Good with cats