Adopted • Calico / Domestic Short Hair, Calico or Dilute Calico Female Cat



Not at shelter, need to find her another home

Our sweet kitty, “Sprout”, needs a loving home. She was my mother’s cat and we adopted her when my mother went into a memory care last March. My husband and I were not “cat lovers”; however, it didn’t take long until we fell in love with her. She’s gentle and loving. She can jump up on sofas and ottomans, but no higher. She loves attention and is playful and smart. She uses her litter box consistently and is not destructive. She lived with another cat most of her life, until that cat’s death four years ago. Sadly, since we’ve adopted her, I’ve developed a skin eczema that is now severe, and since I’m allergic to her, my dermatologist says I have to re-home her. This is the only way I can get well. We are heart broken and desperate to find a home for her because we just cannot euthanize her. She arrived on my parents’ doorstep as a young cat so we estimate her age to be 15-17 years. She was diagnosed with diabetes about four years ago, my mother tried to give her insulin shots but couldn’t, instead we put her on a prescription diet and she has thrived on that. Overall, she is energetic and thriving well, but not as frisky as a young cat. We are looking for that special person that loves cats and will give her a loving home in the last years of her life. We will have to euthanize her if I do not find a home for her soon.

* Sprout was recently placed on insulin by her vet and needs daily injections. She is still eating her prescription diabetic diet. She has difficulty climbing stairs due to neuropathy in her hind legs caused by diabetes. She needs to be an only cat.

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