Adopted • Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed, Tan/Yellow/Fawn with White Female Dog


NALA has been ADOPTED!

IN FOSTER HOME - Nala is a dog that anyone should love to have. This mild mannered, gentle girl deserves the very best adopter and home! At only 1 years old, she was left during a lonely night, tied to our gate...abandoned in the dark. We cannot imagine how frightened she must have been in the following hours. HSDC has spent weeks loving her back to a happy place! She is skinny, but a great mid-size gal that will fill out with proper nutrition. Nala is actually the "Total Package"! Her kennel is always clean in the mornings, meaning she is Potty Trained! She already knows "Sit" and "Down". She walks well on a leash and likes to be with other dogs. We think she will be an amazing family dog for some lucky adopter! Please fill out an application and schedule a Meet and Greet.

$200 Adoption covers spay/neuter, microchip, immunizations, and 1 month supply of heartworm preventative. All dogs should remain on heartworm prevention for their lifetime.

Click the image below for a YouTube video of Nala.

A volunteer brought Nala home for a few days and reports Nala is wonderful. She has excellent manners and knows basic commands like sit, down, come, shake. She learns quickly such as your daily routine or the walking route. She is treat motivated which makes training easier. Nala is very patient and likes to follow, but does not get in your way. She will sit or lay by your side while you are doing something. Nala likes to give kisses but is not overly affectionate. She loves to cuddle while resting her head on you and will even sit in your lap if you are in a chair. Bathing Nala is easy where she sits and appreciates the lather and rinsing. Nala does not seem to shed. She eats well, is not a picky eater, but still remains skinny. Her potty training is excellent and uses the bathroom quickly when taken outside. Nala is excellent on a leash and corrects easily verbally or a gentle tug. She likes to play with toys and does not chew on random things. Nala does great in the car and will just lay down and fall asleep. Nala plays great with other dogs, both big and small. She is gentle with other dogs and instantly learns their temperament.