Domestic Short Hair / Mixed, Orange Male Cat


Young MaleCat

Domestic Short Hair / Mixed, Orange

Born 12/20/2021

Here is my story all about how
My frown got flipped-turned upside down
This'll only take a minute
It's quick ‘n itty bitty
I'll tell you how I came to Dog & Kitty City

In West Dallas area, born and raised
In the street is where I lived with most of the strays
Freezin’ and meowin’, beggin’ for food
This woman took me in to enhance my mood
After a couple of hours,
I felt much better!
Said she’s gonna take me to the shelter!
I didn’t have a chip, so with no other option
They said, “You're going on the website and up for adoption!”

I’m a sweet, playful boy looking for a home so I can be the “Fresh Cat of Bel Air.” I love to play with crinkle and spring toys and I’m good at watching TV, too. Bonus: my fur is super soft like bunny fur! It'd be super dope if my homeskillet DJ Jazzy Jeff could come with me, too!

Good with cats