Adopted • Domestic Short Hair / Mixed, Gray Male Cat


Young MaleCat

Domestic Short Hair / Mixed, Gray

Born 12/20/2021


OK, here's the situation
My parents went away on a permanent vacation and
They left me out to freeze and blow my snot
Will I starve?
Umm, well, of course not!
I'll walk over this ladys house
And maybe make some noise so she’ll feed my mouth
I'll just meow around the neighborhood
Well, maybe I shouldn't
Yeah, of course I should

Pay attention, here's the thick of the plot
I curled up on the porch at the end of my block
That's when I saw this beautiful girlie come walking
I jumped up off the chair and meowed like I was talking
You should've seen this girl's bucket of food
I made some noise just to get her attention
She said, "Was that for me?"
I said, "MEW"
She said, "Why?"
I said, "Meow ‘yow meow meow mey-oh, mew mew mew mew”
She said, "How do I know you're not sick?
You could have mange be covered in ticks!"
I said, "Me-ow myow, myoh meh-meh-meh-meh meow
me-yow, mew-mew-mew-mew mewww myoh meow myow myow myoh?"
She looked at me and she took me in
She was looking very good and so was I, I must say – NOT!
She got medications and other supplies
She brushed me real good and cleaned out my eyes – and ears

Yo yo! I'm DJ Jazzy Jeff, looking real fly! I love making sick biscuits with my paws. I'm hoping to find my furr-ever family! It would be legit if my homie Fresh Prince could come with me, too

Good with cats