Adopted • Schnauzer / Scottish Terrier Scottie / Mixed, Black with Gray or Silver Female Dog



Twister was found on the streets with another friend, living without visible human care. A good samaritan finally caught her with hopes we had room at our shelter. And, luckily for Twister, we did!

This pooch is getting used to not living on her own, and her friendly nature is evident. She likes to be near people and to get pets. When she had her first bath, she didn't love it, but she behaved well. She's not a large dog at all, maybe 17 pounds. She would be great in an apartment or home. Twister walks well on the leash and has a quiet, calm nature. She just needs a loving family, some warm, dry place so she can forget her days of living on the streets. She has been working on learning to "sit" and "shake" and has made good progress. Continued practice will make her a pro! Twister is picky about her friends, so it is important, if you have a dog now, to have the two of them meet to make sure everyone gets along.

Come, prepare to be blown away, and see TWISTER at Dog and Kitty City!
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