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MediumBaby MaleDog

/ Mixed, Tan/Yellow/Fawn with White

Born 1/3/2023

MIJO has been ADOPTED!

You are going to go mutts over this puppy! Mijo is super cute and sweet! In Spanish Mijo is a word that means “my son.” It is used as a term of endearment and can either be used from an older person to a younger person to mean “dear” or “sweetie,” or from one friend to another to mean "buddy". How fitting is that!? This young guy is ready to be your walking buddy, lounge buddy, snack buddy, TV buddy, snuggle buddy, your overall BEST BUDDY! Your connection and friendship will be Fur Real! All he needs is the opportunity to show you his wagging tail. Now, I am not going to hound you, but you should really consider filling out an application on our lovable, li'l buddy!

$200 Adoption