Adopted • German Shepherd Dog / Husky / Mixed, Brown/Chocolate with Tan Male Dog



Little paws on little feet, Begging for a special treat, Chasing balls and toys too, Chewing on your favorite shoe, Catching frisbees in the air, Licking you to show they care, Jumping on you in the night, Cute Bow Wows make it right!

Walker is a male, German Shepherd/Husky Mix. He is adorable and fun, but please do your research on puppy care. He will need lots of love, patience, time, exercise, and training. It is all worth the love he will give you in return!

$200 Adoption covers spay/neuter, immunizations, microchip, and 1 month of Heartworm Prevention. All dogs should remain on Heartworm Preventative for their lifetime.